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Trofimenko Denis

System Software by sarahb523 8 comments

>portageTool is ONLY for gentoo! I
> will never add any support for other

You shouldn't. If you provide an API description other people will write the plugins for your app.

> disto, because it makes no sense. If
> I want to make an easy installer for
> all distros I wouldn't name it
> "portageTool"

Yes I understand it. I'm going to write such system for Slackware(If I will do I'll make it as I described - plugins system). That will be basically the same thing, as yours(maybe - I don't know all features you want to include), but other distro. I just hate when two people do the same thing again and again but for different conditions. However, I am novice for Kommander and your app will be a good example and starting point for me, so waiting for new release from you :) - Jun 01 2004

System Software by sarahb523 8 comments

No, please don't do it for deb or rpm only. Can you please implement those parts as plugins(all package managment operations), so it can be used for all distro's ? If yes, I maybe will try to write plugin for Slackware then. Plugins system will make your app to be used more widely. - Jun 01 2004