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Jason Heeris
System tray screenlet

Conky by mtrauts 22 comments

It worked after logging out and back in again.

But now I can't get it to remember its position. The entire screenlets suite is not being particularly stable on my setup, though, so I think I'll have to drop it until I can figure out what the problem is. - Apr 13 2009
System tray screenlet

Conky by mtrauts 22 comments

I can start this, but all I see is a black strip (or whatever I set the background to).

I'm using the screenlets 0.1.2-3 in Debian Squeeze, with Compiz/CompizFusion and nVidia drivers.

Running it from a terminal, I get:
FOUND: /home/jason/.screenlets/SystemTray/themes/default
theme.conf found! Loading option-overrides.
theme.conf loaded:
Name: default
Author: mtrauts
Version: 1.1
Info: Default theme for SystemTray screenlet
<<At this point I delete it>>
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/jason/.config/Screenlets/SystemTray/default/SystemTray1.ini'
Temporary file didn't exist - nothing to remove.
Removing last instance from session
TODO: remove self.path: /home/jason/.config/Screenlets/SystemTray/default/
Queue-element <SystemTray1> not found (already removed?)!

- Apr 13 2009