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Jan 17 2011
Hi! I left the development of this app years ago but some other devs are maintaining it. You can find an updated version here - Sep 11 2014

What version of Kfilebox are you using?

I left this project a year ago and kfilebox 0.4.7 probably won't work with latest Dropbox in Kubuntu(I don't know)

There are newer versions of Kfilebox by other developers. You can find them in Sourceforge, and probably they fixed the problem:

Regards! - Mar 15 2012
I've uploaded the tar.gz again.

Regards! - Jan 24 2011
Tar.gz uploaded :) - Jan 23 2011
Sorry, the site is down. I've contacted with my hosting service.

Thanks! - Jan 19 2011
That's right. Anyway I will upload a tar.gz this week.

Regards! - Jan 18 2011
Hi! I think you are referring to this problem:

Regards! - Jan 18 2011
Ummm, I don't think so. Kfilebox looks for $HOME/.dropbox-dist and if not exists tries to download the tar.gz. After installed it executes a system call to start the daemon using $HOME/dropbox-dist/dropboxd

- Dec 22 2010
Thanks for your help - Nov 29 2010
Hi, maybe you can do a script to interact directly with the daemon. You need to write the socket and process the response. You can use kfilebox source code as an example:

The command to send to the daemon socket is get_dropbox_status

Regards - Oct 06 2010
Hi, sorry but I'm not planning to support 0.8 version. Thanks for the information about how it works.

Regards! - Oct 06 2010
I haven't tested, I don't think so. Version >0.8.x aren't supported.

Regards! - Sep 09 2010
Hi, that's true. I'm fixing it for the next release

Regards! - Aug 11 2010
Thanks for you feedback! - Jul 26 2010
Thanks! I will fix it for the next release.

Regards! - Jul 18 2010
Yes, that's true I have replaced the tar gz: there was a proble in

Thanks! - Jul 15 2010
Hello, the correct steps to install kdropbox from source are:

$sudo make install

The second execution of qmake creates the missing translation files installation instructions


- Jul 15 2010
That's normal in version 0.3 (isn't supported). Auto start will be a new feature in v0.4 - Jun 04 2010
Thanks for your comments

Yes! A german translation would be great, but I don't understand what do you mean with knetwork feature. I'm planning to auto-start the daemon from kdropbox when the app starts.

Asking Dropbox guys to add a link is one of my TODOs :D

Regards! - May 31 2010
Hi, I've done a little change try to redonload

and type:

make install

Regards - May 22 2010
That's it but you might miss some features like % of usage of your account and regarding Spanish:

Si tu configuración de idioma es es_ES no tendrás problema. Puedes comprobarlo haciendo echo $LANG

En caso de ser otra te aconsejo que renombres /usr/share/qt4/translations/kdropbox_es_ES.qm con las siglas adecuadas

Saludos - May 21 2010
Hi, currently I'm trying to clone the official one, so the differences are minimal. The only advantage is not having to use gnome libraries.

Regards - May 21 2010
Sorry! I'm not accepting translations currently, may be soon...

I'm working on some internal changes for the next release:
- Custom Dropbox client. This means it won't be necessary to use python script.
- Installation process: Kdropbox will download the official daemon, extract the files and launch the gtk wizard for setting up the account.

Thanks in advance for the translation! - May 17 2010
Yes! A German translation would be great

Many thanks! - May 17 2010
Thanks for your help! I'm going to send you a private message with my email and some instructions.
- May 10 2010
Hi! Thank you for the ideas. Yes I'm planning to improve the installation process, it isn't an example of usability. - May 10 2010
Hi, some options are grayed out in preferences because they aren't developed yet.

But there isn't any logic to gray out any option in the sys tray menu.

Finally may be you have a some problems with the daemon.

Regards - May 06 2010
Yes, I know Kinus project and I'm user of his service-menu application. I agree both projects fit perfectly but I'm not in contact with him.

Currently I'm focused on these features:

-Start/stop Dropbox
-Recently changed files
-Opening Dropbox folder when double click on tray icon

I'm considering to include some kind of integration throughout a service menu and contact kinus could be a good thing.

Thanks for your comment. Regards!
- Apr 21 2010
Hi! Thank you for your comment.

I have just uploaded a .tgz file:

regards! - Apr 20 2010
Hi again, it seems a problem with your dropbox installation.

May be you installed (unpacked) dropbox as a root. This would explain why isn't able to mkdir cache directory

Try this:

$ cd /home/alvanx/.dropbox/
$ ls -la

Is alvanx the owner of all files and directories?

Regards - Apr 20 2010

May be you have to configure the path to in Kdropbox preferences window.

Unfortunately it's not posible to launch the daemon without the GUI. There are some tricks to avoid this situation.

For both issues the following link could be useful for you:

Let me know if you still have any problem - Apr 20 2010
It isn't easy for me but may be for the next release... - Apr 17 2010
Yes, I know. I had that installation in one of my computers but I enjoy programming in QT and I'm expecting Dropbox to deliver an API.

BR - Apr 16 2010
Done! Kubuntu binary is available here:

Enjoy it! - Apr 16 2010
Thank you Karapuz.

Start/Stop daemon will be available on the next release in a couple of weeks.

Some other operations like "amount of free space" depend on the availability of an API from Dropbox. I think they are working on it.

Off course I will consider the third one. - Apr 16 2010
May be this link could be useful for you:

Let me know if you still have any problem - Apr 16 2010
Hi! A .deb binary will be available in a few days. Thanks for your interest. - Apr 16 2010
Thanks! Unfortunately I'm not a graphic artist so any help in this area as well as new translations will be welcome.

- Apr 16 2010

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May 03 2010 isn't included in the package but is required to query the status and some other operations.

You can follow these instructions to download it and finish the installation: - May 03 2010
Ummm, it seems you don't have libqt4-sql-sqlite installed on your machine, can you check it? - May 03 2010
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