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Boris Churzin Ramat-Gan, Israel
Amarok 2.x Scripts
Moodbar Generator [DEPRECATED]

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Jan 11 2011
Please use this one: - Jan 11 2011
What amarok expects is the mood file for 'filename.ext' as '.filename.mood'.
So what that line does is return the mood filename.
This regex can't return the same filename as it always appends the original filename with 'mood' and prepends with '.', even if it doesn't parse the filename right for some reason.
For reference on greedy and lazy '*' take a look here:
search for 'lazy star', one before it is the greedy star.
It's not a bug, it's a part of regex, and I really don't think QT removed support for it :) - May 27 2010
? after * is making sure this is not greedy selection, it's just to make sure the extension part of the filename is taken right. It should work without it too...
Not sure why regex doesn't work for you there.
Can you add this line:
after the line with regex and check what it shows? - May 27 2010
Enjoy :)

Added you as collaborator, I guessed it's the same username... - May 26 2010
Very weird...
I don't think it's qt version issue.
Can you post the filename that is being deleted, I think it might be something escaping related... Hard to believe though. - May 25 2010
I'll try to find time to move it there soon, seems like a lot of fun anyway :) - May 25 2010
Thanks for the bug report - fixed.

I don't think it's good enough solution to move it to amarok src, it's more like a hack. The mood files should be in .kde4 dir somewhere in my taste, and mood files generation shouldn't happen when a track starts to play but on collection update. So there is some work to do... - May 24 2010
Wow, this is unexpected.
The only files related stuff is checking for file existence and running moodbar...
So I guess it's either in the amarok or in moodbar...
Do you have the latest dev. ver. of moodbar too? - May 23 2010
Nice one, updated.
Any idea how to make it update mood files before the next track? I don't think it always works for new tracks. - May 23 2010
Moodbar Generator

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by ZLv

Score 80.6%
Jan 11 2011