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Sven Gawlik
Unixboard German Linux Community

Various Stuff by devil 2 comments

It vBuletin Board with some gimp Grafix :)

I hope some German/English Linux/Unix Freakz will join our Community !

seeya there ... devil - Nov 08 2002
Where do you want to go today?

Wallpaper Other by furiousnewf 7 comments

Hehehe ... too bad !

Try it with more unixpower :)

btw - kick ass ms - Nov 07 2002
Tux Borg

Wallpaper Other by devil 14 comments

... it only seems so.

everyone who tried linux is faszinated by that great os.

so you could assume that everyone is assimilated by linux.

but anyway its just a pic :) - Jul 09 2002