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Georges A.K.
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Jan 14 2010
Works great, thank you! - Jul 26 2008
I'm having the same problem :( Was working fine for months and suddenly, no go. I keep getting the error (new version on GMail blah blah). - Jul 26 2008
System Tray 2 (with icon hiding support)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 165 comments

by Dgege
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Dec 20 2004
Thanx for the feedback. All the bugs should be sorted out in the next version. I'll be done with school in a month and hopefully will have a lot of time to resume coding !

Georges. - Mar 27 2005
Thx ppl for your support. I promise that when I get the time, I'll continue developping this app, it is not dead yet. I've just been swamped with work.

Georges. - Mar 20 2005
Thank you for your feedback, it's appreciated.
I'll try to make time soon for it, but between my masters and work, I have little time left ! But I promise to try and make some time.

Georges. - Jan 24 2005
You can change the icon. The size is determined by the icon size.

Georges. - Jan 22 2005
About the dialog, it's because your DPI is higher than mine. That should be fixed in the next release.
As far as getting this applet into KDE, for now, it's a No, but it will get integrated bits by bits.
Merry Xmas 2 u too !

Georges. - Dec 25 2004
Well, I still stick to the fact that if windows does something, let's give credit where credit is due. There's no shame to admitting that windows implemented this feature first. However, if people have ideas on adding things that aren't in windows, I'm more than open. The only idea I had was the ordering of the icons, which is implemented.

Georges. - Dec 22 2004
Could you send me by email your file :
please ?
And which window doesn't show well ? (if it's not too much, maybe a screenshot too ? :)

Georges. - Dec 18 2004
Hmmm.... I'm gonna have to check it out. I'll get back to you on that one.

Georges. - Dec 15 2004
:) If you made some nice icons, send them over ! If they're good looking, I may include them by default in the next version.

Georges. - Dec 14 2004
Hmmm.... have you tried the last version ? The button IS transparent. You need a png with a transparent background and voila ! Try it.

Georges. - Dec 11 2004
It's actually v0.3 that they wanted. My email is georgesak__AT__gmail__DOT__com
Thank you ! - Dec 11 2004
Unfortunately, I don't ! I thought I kept the archives somewhere, turns out I don't.
I'm interested tho to know what happens ? If you can email me with all the details, that'd be great !

Thanx. - Dec 04 2004
I'm glad you like it :) I was planning a new release soon but unfortunately, work caught up with me, so it'll take a while, but it'll be worth it !

Georges. - Dec 02 2004
Yes, loading the left arrow and making the rotation makes more sense. Now, as far as the text arrow is concerned, I see that a lot of ppl request that. So I'm gonna make a quick release soon and reinclude it (along some bug fixes) so that you guys can get it back :)

Georges. - Nov 27 2004
I'm actually thinking of adding an option to either use the KDE arrow or import your own picture. But it's not final, I'm still thinking about it. If ppl wanna send me icons, they're more than welcome :)

Georges. - Nov 27 2004
Zooming the icon is on my todo list :)

Georges. - Nov 26 2004
About the hidden icons bug, it's been there from day one and frankly I can't find out how to fix it (I don't think there's an easy way). I'm gonna have to try out some stuff.
For the other remarks, I'll look into them, thank you.

Georges. - Nov 26 2004
I didn't think ppl would prefer the text arrow to the icon, but I guess I'm wrong ! I'll see if I can integrate it in the new button.

Georges. - Nov 26 2004
Can you be more specific ? Maybe a screenshot that you could mail to me ?

Georges. - Nov 24 2004
You have two options. Either use an already built RPM package (easiest, but unfortunately, I don't run SuSE to generate one) or install the kde devel package (done in YaST).
If someone can build rpms, I'll gladly post them.

Good luck.

Georges. - Nov 24 2004
Well, I shamlessly took the same code for the button that I found in the current CVS of kde. I'll change that for next version.
And you're right, I think that feature wise, it's more or less complete. Now time so squash those last bugs and many add some eye candy.

Georges. - Nov 23 2004
Note taken. Should be included in next version.
Thank you.

Georges. - Nov 23 2004
As far as I know, what is in the CVS is not my code but someone else's. For the button, don't forget that you can change the dimensions so taht it suits your needs. Unfortunately, the handle is not part of the applet per se, and therefore I can't catch the click event on it :(

Georges. - Nov 22 2004
I'm happy you like it. I'm working on a new version, but it will take some time, this a major rewriting. And don't forget to vote if you like it !!!

Georges. - Nov 20 2004
Maybe if you paste the error, I could help you.

Georges. - Nov 18 2004
Yes, I didn't think about it.

Georges. - Nov 16 2004
Hhhmmmm That's weird. I'll look into it.

Georges. - Nov 15 2004
Can you email me with all your info ? What distro ? What KDE version ? Where's kde installed ? Where's your config dir installed ?


Georges. - Nov 15 2004
For thge preferences, I completely agree, and I'm working on a new one which follows the kde standard. About the slider for adjusting the speed, it's in my todo list (check a post I made earlier). Lastly, about the flast button, I guess it all depends on your style. I use the default kde style and it makes a huge difference.

Thanx for the constructive critisism, keep them coming ! Only then will the applet get improved.

- Nov 15 2004
Yes, and I should remove it for now. Thanx for pointing that out.

Georges. - Nov 15 2004
I know exactly what you mean, and this is a known bug. It's not a critical bug though, the current workaround is to expand the tray before entering the prefs dialog.

Georges. - Nov 15 2004
I thought about it. Actually, in the next version, I hope to have an even smoother animation. For now I use a linear animation, maybe I'll change that something exponential (so that it starts slow and goes faster). I'll then add a slider in the config to change the speed.

Georges. - Nov 14 2004
It's already a 16x16 icon. Scaling is a good idea and I'm working on it for the next version. I'll probably add the option to import your own pixmap too.

Georges. - Nov 14 2004
Can you send me the file ~/.kde/share/config/libsystemtrayapplet2rc by email ?


Georges - Nov 13 2004
I will look into it. It's weird, coz it works here. Must be something specific.

Georges. - Nov 13 2004
Although you're right about the startup time, I'm not sure you're right about machine slowness. If it's just an app waiting for the user input or for a device, it will not eat any cpu cycles. It's always nice to have the programs sitting in the tray, 1 click away from reach.
But that's just my opinion :)

Georges. - Nov 12 2004
Are you sure you're using the new version (0.2) ? Because this should be implemented. When you restart, it should automatically hide the icons that were hidden the last time. If not, I'd be interested in knowing what icons you're hiding in kicker (what apps).
Drop me an email.

Georges. - Nov 12 2004
This is really weird. Are you sure you removed the old system tray before adding the new one ? Email me with all of your info (distro, compiler, kde version) and we'll try to resolve it.

Georges. - Nov 12 2004
This is on my todo list :)

Georges. - Nov 12 2004
Thanx for pointing that out. I'll fix it for the next version.

Georges. - Nov 12 2004
This is something I'm looking into.

Georges. - Nov 12 2004
Get the new version :) It's implemented now. - Nov 11 2004
Thank you all for your support and constructive critisism, that's what gonna make this app much better. Well, since there's a lot of interest, I have no choice but to continue working on it ! :)
Ok, here's a layout of things I'm looking into for future releases :
- Complete customization of the resize button
- Much better preference dialog
- Remembering the state of icons when logging off
- Catching clicks on the icons so I can automagically hide the unused ones (this one will be tough)
- This one is an idea I had that I think could benefit us : Choose the order of the icons. I find it annoying that the icons aren't always at the same place when I log into KDE.

Keep the ideas coming people !

Georges. - Nov 11 2004
I will look into it, thanx for notifying me.

Georges. - Nov 11 2004
Remembering the icon is something I'm looking into for the next version.

Georges. - Nov 11 2004

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by Dgege
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Sep 01 2004
Try compiling OpenObex from scratch. It's not hard. Hopefully, this should fix it.

Georges. - Feb 10 2005
Are you using the latest version of the library OpenObex (1.0.1) ?

Georges. - Jan 10 2005

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Nov 07 2005
Same problem here :( - Dec 11 2004