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Bruno Melo , Brazil
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013
hi, could you keep creating all your themes for gnome 3.4? because we, the debian user, can only use gnome 3.4 unfortunately, so if you create for gnome 3.4 i will thank you. - Jan 16 2013
trastes, that little bar below of buttons (exit, minimize, maximize buttons) because globalmenu came back to appear, can you fix it please? - May 09 2012
My dad has macbook pro with snow leopard and he doesn't stop tell about it, telling that it is very cool, practical and beautiful. Beautiful i agree, mac os x for me is the most beautiful operating system. So I wanted to make my debian gnu / linux exactly like him, but preferably equal to the lion because it is newer and more beautiful. I found your theme and i love it, but I need other themes to be equal to mac: i need shell theme and cursor themes. If you get publish your shell theme I download it. And cursors themes, what you suggest? - Feb 19 2012
perfect ;)
you have any suggestion to gnome shell theme more similar to the mac os x lion? - Feb 19 2012
trastes, may you reduce the space between the buttons? they are too far away.
any suggestions on a theme for gnome-shell be equal to the Mac? - Feb 18 2012
thanks, now it's working ;)
i'd wanna know how change the display order of nautilus buttons, back and forward buttons are in right side corner in the nautilus 3.2, before in 2.x versions were on left side corner, that's very best :s
may you help me? - Jan 18 2012
here is
and i'd like the nautilus sidebar was bluish like os x lion's finder, how can i make that? or you will make in future? - Jan 18 2012
in mine there is a contrast of the title bar with the rest of the window just in Nautilus. title bar is brighter than the rest of the window, and this is darker (window).
it's normal? - Jan 17 2012
congratulation trastes, beautiful theme, you have good taste.
but scroll title bar isn't blue like Mac OS X SL or L, you want to do it the same even in future versions?
and last question, what dock you suggest to use for linux?
thanks, bye - Jan 17 2012
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Gnome Cupertino

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