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Daniel Hammel

People by sinosh 1 comment

But the quality is like scanned from a prospect. ;-) - Aug 01 2009
KFresh pack (bespin + colors + wall)

Be-Shell/Bespin by PoL666 4 comments

Your "Adelante" looks like a tomato converted into ketchup. The symbols near "Lugares" are senseless and a little bit strange. Why "Search..." isn't in spanish? "Thu, 30 Jul" is not spanish, too! On the side of the "Search.."-field I see big points which don't fits well! The zoom-loupe is too near to the edge and cutted. The Buttons on the Windows-decoration aren't nice. You can see the symbols inside already - shiny but you see it. It's not okay. The folder "Descargas" is totally blured meanwhile "Raiz" and "Carpeta rersonal" are totally different and sharp.

It's a light analyse of your screenshot. I see more faults in it, but I think it's enough.

What I want say only is, that KDE is on a good way, but perfect already not. It's still a long way ... ;)
My hopes goes to KDE 4.5! :D

Cheers - Jul 31 2009
morpho icons

Full Icon Themes by conteXx 29 comments

Why not only one solid perspective for consistents and not one from the right, left, strong and weak perspective? This way I don't like so much. :( - Jun 30 2009
symbol Icon Project Preview

Icon Sub-Sets by reihe12 27 comments

:-) No, it isn't correct. But okay, everybody have to see and to learn. ;-) - Apr 27 2009
symbol Icon Project Preview

Icon Sub-Sets by reihe12 27 comments

:-D You know how much icons you still have to draw? For have a perfect Set the small sizes will make sometimes more work than the develop of new icons. Really you know what hard footwork you are doing with this? :-) Maybe think in helping some existing projects which are in work since time and quite strong yet would be a better idea ... For choose: Erectus, Elemantary, Breathe(Ubuntu), Echo(Fedora), EvolveAir(Kde), Oxygen(Kde), ... and some more! This is maybe more easy going for you and everybody with the idea of making some icons! What do you think? ;-)

And yes, it's looking nice ... - Apr 27 2009

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

The good news are really good news (globalmenu). :-)

About the other Themes. Qtcurve is good and I use it for my gtk-programs. Oxygen is at moment the only one what is acceptable for me. What are my wishes also?


Pretty like Mac, but not Aqua!!! (crystal buttons and scrollbar).
Interesting here is the FF-Theme Chromifox Basic. I like this style very much: tabs, buttons, spinner, etc. etc.

Bespin is interesting, but really really not my gust. - Apr 21 2009
Black Mac Icons (working preview!)

Full Icon Themes by jameshardy88 12 comments

Follow the correct rules of building the Set. Take the Gnome-Set as example for the correct naming and the correct Symlinks. Don't make a Set only with 128x128 and let it scaling by the system. Use better this: 128x128 scaleable, 48x48 fix, 32x32 fix, 24x24 fix, 22x22 fix and 16x16 fix. Scale it with good tools like gthumb for example. Correct small sizes by hand. Overloaded Icons should be cleaned up a little bit before scaling in 24x24 and less. Be care with the consistent... Or you want call your Theme Masup-Black-Edition? :-) If you follow all this, your Theme can be taken for something serious. ;-) - Apr 20 2009

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

How about a new Theme for KDE 4. Is here something in planing? At moment we don't have any alternatives for the default Oxygen and Bespin don't have the style I like. - Apr 20 2009

Full Icon Themes by gomezhyuuga1 71 comments

Well I gave only a opinion. Linux will profit finally more if the manpower is adjusted on the right place. It's any solution to put our collected icons in one big box and scale overloaded icons down. The strong mix (shadow down, shadow left, gradient, gloss etc.) finall destroys the straight line and consistent of a good iconset what it should finally have. Good small icons are more important in the end than the big ones. This is a artwork what you never will get with simple downscaling them. I don't say anybody he should stop his little collectors-project. Only I will say if somebody wants help the community really he should help, if talents are present, in one of projects which are running at moment- always looking for some helps from outside. ;-) More peoples help there - earlier it's finished and WE can enjoy a real icon-artwork made by Linux and for Linux! Touch I let only this comments here for open some eyes and motivate some restless souls who haves the intention to help Linux with the icon-artwork for look to the right places: running and serious projects which are in process right now ... Cheers - comment closed! - Apr 16 2009

Full Icon Themes by gomezhyuuga1 71 comments

The problem is that I think we have to much collections-sets without consistent, poor quality in small sizes etc. Start in KDE 4 with this again I think it isn't a good way. Better is really, if you wants a real Iconset, to make a own big project with more peoples involved or like me helping with my talents yet existing projects. Time is to much worth for wasting it in somethink what finally falls in a lake of forgotten. You follow me? :-) - Apr 16 2009

Full Icon Themes by gomezhyuuga1 71 comments

Always the same problem. Always one person with the intention of making a IconSet and the results are amateurish then. Please don't makes the same false like Gnome-look's IconSets. The Sets don't follows the right rules of naming and Symlinks. They are only scaled by system or with a tool. Unprofessional and waste of time! Honestly ... If somebody want make a seriously IconSet so he should start a project-page with the right ideologies, colour-scheme and the style what had to be followed (gloss, gradient, flat or 3d, the perspective etc.). It's a lot of work then... manpower in different Designers (submission) would be right. The icons in small sizes needs a retouch or (if too overloaded) new painted.

Oxygen, Breathe, Echo etc. goes a really good way. This and all other one-person-projects are nearly always amateurish, bad and waste of time.

A involved in the thematic Designer. - Apr 16 2009
Kara (Bespin)

Be-Shell/Bespin by lzfy 13 comments

I know it! ,) It's ikon. Something like eikon, but for KDE 4. But it's too mixed for me. Like more the default-theme from oxygen. The Oxygen-Theme is much better than Bespin, too. Let's see what KDE 4.3 or 4.4 will bring us at home. :) - Apr 12 2009

Full Icon Themes by schollidesign 6 comments

Since 4.2 I'm with KDE (Kubuntu) and it's marvellous use here your Set, too. K- and G-applications are good looking and it's so wonderful complete. The number one theme for Kubuntu! Very well done. Thx :) - Feb 01 2009

Full Icon Themes by schollidesign 134 comments

Don't delete this Set again, eh :) You surprised me again. It's a excellent Theme and keep up this good work ... Thanks for it!!! - Jan 02 2009

Full Icon Themes
by schollidesign

Jul 21 2009