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Travis Trout

KDE Plasma Screenshots by blouweKip 11 comments

Just curious as to why a gnome screenshot was submitted to a KDE-Desktop customization website??

-- Digiman - Mar 14 2003
[Keramik] Transparent Kicker (RPM/SRPM)

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by dcpark 29 comments

I have installed Keramik and for the most part everything is working; except the icons. When ever I login to KDE the icons on the toolbar revert back to the default look. Although, if I look in the icons setup they are on Crystal. If I just click apply and run my mouse over all the icons they convert over to Crystal. This is really kind of annoying! Anyway to fix this?

Thank you,
-- Digiman - Jul 09 2002
I would rather they stayed! However it wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to edit the way the contents page looks based by your profile. - Apr 09 2002
Dencel wannabe background

Wallpaper Other by Dencel 2 comments

Where can I get the panel icons you have on the lower right side?

Also, I love the wp, it looks great!

-- Digiman - Mar 29 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by pgomes 19 comments

It's absolutely awesome! :o) - Mar 29 2002
I Like Reno *YELLOW* 1600x1200

Wallpaper Other by imagino 4 comments

I love the wallpaper. I am also using the RENODesk style.

Keep up the great work! :o) - Mar 22 2002