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The abnormal vision

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by Dios
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Jun 02 2006
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If you want send me a donation you can do it by paypal. Please contact with me. - Jun 02 2006
This one is a vision of the paranoia and the abnormal thing. I have wanted an abstract approach with a cubist essence, exaggerating the shades of the line and form. The essence of any form, always begins whith the sphere, cone and cylinder. This picture has an expressive intensity created by the distorsion of the reality. It expresses an energetic protest of the humanity intelligence and does apology of the marijuana. - Jun 02 2006
Esta es una visión de la paranoia y lo anormal. Le he querido dar un enfoque abstracto con un toque cubista, exagerando los matices de la línea y forma. La esencia de toda forma, siempre parte de la esfera, cono y cilindro. Este tapiz en sí mismo, tiene una intensidad expresiva creada mediante la distorsion de la realidad. Expresa una enérgica protesta sobre la inteligencia del ser humano y hace apología de la marihuana. - Jun 02 2006

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Apr 14 2006
Yeah - Apr 14 2006
It's the best thing that I have seen till now - Apr 14 2006
Oh my god!!! my dick is very hard. Good job Ilgrim. - Apr 14 2006