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Plasma 5 Applets 126 comments

Score 87.2%
Jun 08 2017
I love the new button options, they are incredibly sexy. Still waiting on the menubar support though. - Aug 06 2015
The fix works perfectly, and now this applet is working exactly as I needed it to. Thank you for your work, and for listening to my complaints and bug reports - May 01 2015
No problem, Plasma needs good extensions, and this is the first 3rd party one that is of any use to me :D - Apr 30 2015
Wouldn't this just cause it to wrap into the next line? It already does this and it is this exact behaviour I am trying to avoid, as I use this applet on a very thin panel and it comes out extremely ugly when it happens. - Apr 30 2015
Okay so like, if you are browsing the web, the page titles can get pretty wordy, so it is possible to add a tickbox to put it so that after so many words, it just trails off with ellipses? - Apr 22 2015
Yes it probably would be. To be honest I think the best option would just be to have an option to a) statically post the buttons and to B) have the buttons size be as tall as the text. - Mar 28 2015
Do you have any plan to perhaps add optional menubar support on mouseover? Similar to Unity's titlebar applet? - Mar 28 2015
If I could offer another suggestion, add an option to use varying size buttons? Best to me would be to add an option to make buttons the same size as the title font. On a small horizontal panel, those buttons are tiny, and thus hard to press. and another thing is a minor bug, but when I mouse over the applet, the buttons form over the title of the open application rather than to the left of it. I personally like the idea of the buttons pushing the title to the size when they appear but I doubt that that will be easy to code in. It is your applet after all. keep up the good work :D - Mar 27 2015
Well I was thinking, if you want to create a simple, minimal widget, you could make it so that if your scroll up whilst the cursor is over the applet, it will maximize the window and the opposite will minimize it. - Mar 25 2015
I think this is merely a port/recreation of your plasmoid? As it is a Plasma 5 plasmoid, and not a KDE 4 plasmoid, as well it lacks many of the features yours has. - Mar 25 2015
Could I request/reccommend these features?

1) add support for minimize/maximize (perhaps using mouse scroll over title?)

2) variable length of applet? Programs like firefox will have multiple lines, which looks ugly on a small panel. - Mar 24 2015
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather 152 comments

Score 87.8%
Oct 06 2017
Glad to see the system tray support, a very sexy applet that works incredibly well. - Jul 27 2015
This is an excellent applet, and one that would be in high demand for Plasma 5, perhaps it would be useful though to integrate it into the system tray? The system tray's design is perfect for this type of applet, and I feel like it would really improve the flow of the applet to place it there. - May 06 2015
Evolvere Light Kvantum theme

Kvantum 9 comments

Score 68.8%
Mar 01 2015
This theme is gorgeous, but I must ask, can we expect a dark variant? - Mar 30 2015
KvFlat for Kvantum

Kvantum 3 comments

Score 72.0%
Jun 25 2015
KvFlattest is gorgeous, an excellent theme to replace Breeze for Plasma 5. Also it is worth noting that the Numix-Archblue GTK theme that one can get from the AUR goes extremely well with this theme, matching colors rather consistently, the only inconsistencies in the theming are 1) The tab bar, but what do you expect and 2) the button colors, but again, what do you expect? - Mar 16 2015
KvHybrid for Kvantum

Kvantum 35 comments

Score 68.1%
Jun 10 2015
Yeah I only use exact matches. Even a little discrepancy is incredibly annoying. - Mar 15 2015
Thank you, I know you don't have to do that. - Mar 08 2015
Yes I am doing that at the moment but it lacks transparency support, and as well there is a tiny white outline that makes the entire window look slightly "popped out" - Mar 08 2015
As well with a KVHybrid-like titlebar, something that merges in, and window borders that don't make the windows seem slightly popped out. - Mar 08 2015
No I mean like KVflat but flatter without the glowy scrollbars and the like, - Mar 08 2015
Kvflat is okay, but the default and kvdark are too..... buttony for me. This theme is honestly the highest quality plasma theme I've seen yet, and a dark variant would be excellent. - Mar 08 2015
Fair enough. I would like to ask for a dark variant though? I am a huge fan of dark themes and this one is GORGEOUS! I thought that by changing my color scheme it would make this one a dark theme but sadly that is not the case, I suspect because KVantum uses SVG images to theme the window. - Mar 06 2015
Do you have any intent to create a GTK3/GTK2 theme to integrate better withthis theme? Numix Archblue is already quite similar, so you could probably start there. - Mar 05 2015
Hex - KDE Theme

QtCurve 37 comments

Score 81.5%
Jul 31 2017
Could you make an Aurorae theme for this? while a git build of Qtcurve-qt5 will give users the configuration module for qtcurve on plasma 5, we still lack qtcurve window-deco support, but aurorae works. - Mar 12 2015
Any ideas how one could install this in LXQt using Openbox as the WM? I've gotten everything but the .colors file to install, but that is the hard part. - Feb 04 2015
To a degree yes. It works well for popular sites, and I am sure there are some that it will not work on but it works well enough for like facebook, google, the mozilla start page, etc. I simply installed the stylish addon here and then installed the dark mods for such sites. Facebook Start and Youtube are a few of the problem children. An alternative fix is to just use this stylish script but it will look leave you with really ugly text boxes and buttons. - Apr 14 2014
Working excellently now, thank you big time. Once again this theme is fantastic, I especially like the contrast of the highlight against the background. - Apr 14 2014
Thanks :D love your work. - Apr 10 2014
Another complaint is that the text box in the homerun launcher is white text on white background. Could this be fixed? - Apr 10 2014
I did find something that helps. Using the GTK+ Native style and Stylish with a series of scripts from for dark mods of sites that don't seem to have proper text boxes. - Apr 09 2014
This theme is fantastic, it looks excellent, and it is rare that I am content with a dark theme, but this one is fantastic. My biggest complaint is working with firefox, or really any decent web browser, with it because most web browsers will have a lot of problems with text fields when in dark themes, and the only fix I can seem to find makes text fields and buttons incredibly ugly. Could you perhaps try to include some form of, say, Stylish script, or userChrome.css ? - Apr 08 2014

Plasma Themes 2 comments

Score 72.2%
Nov 04 2016
Also, I recommend YaWC over KWin Buttons Improved. I've found it to be the best titlebar applet myself. Give it a try. - Mar 10 2015
Excellent theme, but could we get a blue variant please? - Mar 10 2015
Yet Another Window Control

Plasma 4 Extensions 59 comments

Score 82.0%
May 08 2012
Any plans to port this plasmoid to Plasma 5? - Feb 19 2015

Application Styles 115 comments

Score 69.9%
Jul 08 2017
I'm aware but regardless of who is the blame the problem is still there and it still only affects users of KDE. - Oct 02 2014
As well I hate any and all E17 themes, however Kvantum is a theme engine and the dynamo theme for it is rather nice looking. - Oct 02 2014
Darn. That is the biggest problem with KDE is that you are kind of left with QtCurve if you want a decent look that works with GTK - Oct 02 2014
Hello I've read that GTK 3.14 supports SVG images in themes now, so I must ask, is there a possibility we might see a GTK3 compatible version so as to enable a smooth, clean, cross-toolkit look? - Oct 02 2014

Plasma 4 Extensions 106 comments

Score 74.4%
Sep 20 2012
any chance there could be a setting for using a keybind to make this plasmoid show? This could make it a viable replacement for Yakuake with better integration, appearance-wise
- Sep 19 2014
Next - Aurorae theme

Aurorae Themes 13 comments

Score 74.0%
Apr 17 2014
Any info on the left-aligned version? - Sep 11 2014
Also could you perhaps include a left-aligned variant? I personally prefer to left align my title-bar buttons and right align my titles and that doesn't work with this decoration. - Apr 26 2014
Is there a QtCurve and Color scheme to match this? - Apr 26 2014
Hex Lite

QtCurve 60 comments

Score 81.8%
Apr 08 2014
Firefox 29 and Australis broke this theme, is there any chance of an update? - Apr 30 2014
Also one more request, could you also include some kind of firefox theme? Like a chrome.css file or something that will make firefox look passable with this theme? - Apr 08 2014
I think that would work better. It would make the plasma dropdowns match the context menu for one. - Apr 07 2014
Well this theme is fantastic, but it comes with a small problem. See the plasma theme doesn't have the proper settings for using YAWC and kdemenubar. Even the clock had the wrong color but I changed that one's color manually. - Apr 07 2014
full flat fixed

Plasma Themes 9 comments

by crona
Score 67.1%
Jan 29 2014
4.12.3 sorry. I don't know what happened to the 2. in that - Apr 10 2014
4.13 on Chakra - Apr 09 2014
This theme has a rather big glitch, which I am assuming is due to KDE upgrades or something. At the moment I can not access the "Add new widgets" dialog through the cashew. If I go right-click>>panel options >> add new widgets the dialog does pop up and I can add new widgets this way, however I think that this is still a rather glaring issue. Other than that though, this theme looks fantastic and has an excellent minimal, clean, elegant feel to it. - Apr 08 2014

QtCurve 25 comments

Score 76.3%
Dec 31 2013
Also I want to request a yakuake theme to accompany it? - Feb 26 2014
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Plasma 5 Applets
by clearmartin

Score 87.2%
Mar 24 2015

by garthecho

Score 76.3%
Feb 05 2014

Plasma Themes
by mcder

Score 74.1%
Dec 11 2013
Active Window Control

Plasma 5 Applets
by clearmartin

Score 87.2%
9   Mar 24 2015

by garthecho

Score 76.3%
9   Feb 05 2014