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Talia Bynes Darling Downs Region, Australia
GTK3/4 Themes
Gnome 2 Color Schemes

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82

Thank You :) ... I made these themes ages ago and they were awesome and ironically now with Operating Systems like Linux Mint and Zorin OS I see they provide multi-coloured themes where back when I made these themes there was nothing of the sort. So perhaps directly or indirectly such themes gave rise to some of the options we now enjoy today. Anyway thanks for your comment and I did notice it :) - Dec 29 2020
Ubuntu 14.04 Tal-Themes + Fixes! V1.3

Gnome 2 Color Schemes by djhswar82 7 comments

Thanks so much!!! ;-D - Jun 16 2014
Ubuntu 14.04 Tal-Themes + Fixes! V1.3

Gnome 2 Color Schemes by djhswar82 7 comments

I add help and information into the download package into a 'read first' file! I only answer questions if they are posted and in the newer version I have 'hopefully' fixed some serious issues! :-D

I am also learning 'theme development' from trial and error and if there is anyone out there who can help me become more skilled and create better themes than please let me know ;-) - Jun 14 2014
Ubuntu 14.04 Tal-Themes + Fixes! V1.3

Gnome 2 Color Schemes by djhswar82 7 comments

I have no idea why that has happened however as you can see from the images above it does work and the 3 field deployments I have had with Ubuntu 14.04 installs and using these themes has had no issues at all.

I would post your question at and see what can be found there. I hope you can resolve your missing icons.

I would use tweak tool to revert your theme back to Ambiance and the Icons to Humanity then try =>

you can copy the old gnome icons into the icons folder and try using them...

Launch terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)
whoami [remember the output]
sudo su - [enter your password]
sudo chown -R whoamioutput:whoamioutput /usr/share/icons

Now you can copy the gonme-old folder into usr/share/icons without any issues. Copy them from the tar.gz extracted folder.

Use the home folder to go to computer => usr => share => icons. Right mouse click and select paste.

The first thing I do when I install Ubuntu is
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/icons [paste in gnome-old]
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/themes [paste in my themes or other themes]
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/backgrounds [change the default wallpaper colour to purple or whatever my client likes]
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/software-center [paste in the fixes for dark themes]
sudo chown -R me:me /var/cache/apt/archives [I paste the .deb files into this folder so I only need to download them once ;-D]

I hope this helps! - May 06 2014
Sway Black-Base LIGHT BLUE

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 3 comments

LiquidSky64 cheers and thanks for your comment! I do not know how much more I can improve the Sway Themes (there is more than one) but this said / typed I seek to learn more each and every day so who knows what tomorrow will bring? None the less thanks so much for you comment :-)
. - Sep 30 2012
Sway Invisible Panel V-1.8

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 1 comment

To access the themes directory like the home folder
1. Run Terminal (press and hold Ctrl + Alt + T)
2. In Terminal type
whoami (remember this name as we will now use swar)
3. Switch to super user by typing
sudo su -
4. type your password into terminal
You are now ROOT User or Super User!
5. To change the permissions of the theme folder type
sudo chown -R swar:swar /usr/share/themes
6. Remember swar should be your whoami result / account
ie: if you are becky then it should be...
sudo chown -R becky:becky /usr/share/themes
7. You need to leave ROOT User or Super User so type
8. exit
9. then to leave terminal completely type
10. exit
11. Now you can click on home folder and go to
File System
12. Double Click on the directory
13. Double Click on the directory
14. find and double click on the directory
themes (hint = just type the directory name and then press the escape key when you are in the directory after double clicking on it to exit the find directory /file function)
15. Now you can paste in copied themes as though it was your home folder or desktop
Hope this helps ;-) - Sep 16 2012
Sway Themes V-1.3 All-In-One

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 3 comments

1. Go into the theme directory ie "Sway Pink"
2. Go into the sub-directory "metacity-1"
3. Open the file titled "titlebar-mid-focused.png" with Pinta (you will need to have installed Pinta first: sudo apt-get install -y pinta)
4. From the menu options in Pinta select "Image"
5. Then Select the Menu Function "Flip Horizontal"
6. Save Your altered File
7. Now Reload the Theme
8. Your Logo should be on the left and not the right ;-) - Sep 16 2012
Sway Themes V-1.3 All-In-One

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 3 comments

That is a great shame the themes are not working as they do in Ubuntu in Debian. That symbol in the top right is not the Ubuntu Symbol / logo it is just something I made in Gimp and put there to help me distinguish the versions. I did intend to add other simple images for the different versions but to save time I have not progressed with this option. - Sep 16 2012
Sway Black-Base YELLOW

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 3 comments

I have packaged all the Sway Themes v 1.3 into one package and here is the link... - Sep 15 2012
Sway Black-Base ROYAL BLUE

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 3 comments

By happen-stance the issue you mention is the next problem I chose to solve in version 1.4 with either a background image or defined colour gradients.

Please remember I have created and are maintaining 19 themes so it will take time for me to make suitable changes and apply them to all themes, upload them and then edit each page for each theme.

I also intend to possibly create a variant so users have a choice of a solid colourised or transparent top panel. - Sep 15 2012
Sway Black-Base YELLOW

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 3 comments

I am quite happy to place all in one package and provide the link in in a new page so there is the option to download each individual theme or all-in-one. - Sep 15 2012
Sway Black-Base ORANGE

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82 2 comments

Cheers and Thanks ;-)
Keep up your great work on Theme Development! - Sep 10 2012