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Dji Pih Etival-Clairefontaine, France

Graphic Apps 70 comments

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Jan 12 2006

Thanks a lot for this usefull application : I don't like manage photos by albums, but by directories.

1/ Is there a project to integrate a gtkam-like module ?

2/ I'm not able to change the configuration of the windows's position even if they're enlarged… Is it normal ? - Jan 23 2007
kX Generator

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Jan 02 2007
Let The Force Be With You ... - Jan 17 2007
Everything is ok now.

But I wonder :

1/ Why kxgenerator doesn't start with root rights in order to save xorg.conf, cause they are needed. I had to proceed as follows :
# su
# kxgenerator

2/ Why kxgenerator ask for the name and the location of the configuration file to save since there is only one way : /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Except if user doesn't want to replace directly xorg.conf from kxgenerator ? But newbee doesn't know these things ;).

So, it could be cool that kxgenerator automaticaly start as root, make these changes with historical backup of xorg.conf. - Jan 17 2007
No trouble during the compilation (Fedora Core 6), but when kx G start, the following message appears :

"Cannot find required input driver on system. Please select another driver."

There's no pointer defined. So, I create a new entry Pointer0 with driver=mouse and device=autodetect (USB mouse).

When clicking on Accept button, I save the configuration (?) in a subfolder from home directory.

But always the same error when starting... - Jan 14 2007