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Full Icon Themes by mtax 83 comments

It seems like you're making a big deal out of something you're never going to be able to control. The numbers are against you I'm afraid. There will always be more contributions from users of the most popular distros running Gnome. And what licence are you releasing the icons under? What's to stop someone making a few tweaks and posting a copy up here or are you gonna lock them down?

Don't worry about the Ubuntu users, I'm sure they don't mean you any harm. Many are probably just enthusiastic newbs posting what they can to try and give back to this community, like I did when I first got into using this site. There's no harm in that, surely? I'm sure that if you would have just released the icon set like anyone else (if it exists) and left a polite message to Ubuntu users, you would have got through to more of them. - Jun 29 2010
Everything\\\'s Cool

Wallpaper Other by dkaddict 1 comment

Thought I would share this wallpaper with you all. It took me about 5 minutes to make it in the Gimp. It was just a case of creating the text, creating a background, and cropping the photo of the 'ice' bud that I stumbled upon!

There are words to be read between the layers, or so to speak. Hemp is a wonder plant and could solve a fair few of the worlds' current problems if our leaders actually decided to wake up and get out of bed in the morning.

Hope one or two Gnome look users enjoy it!

It's under a gnu license, so do what you will with it.

Peace. - Feb 08 2009
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 347 comments

To fix the error>>

'configure: error: GTK+-2.10 is required to compile aurora'

You need the GTK dev file


'sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev'

Hope that helps! - Oct 29 2008

GTK2 Themes by dkaddict 3 comments


Aero-OS-KX (found here)


for the 3d desktop and folder icons - Oct 03 2007

GTK2 Themes by dkaddict 8 comments

Here u are m8. This is the link to the NX07 icon set.

The way I use them is to replace the 48x48 standard Aero-OS-xk folder icons with the 128x128 NX07 folders. It just takes a bit of renaming. If you want to resize them and don't have a script, ask and I'll send u 1.

To get specific icons for your folders just right-click the one you want to change, select 'properties', and drag a new image into the box with the current icon image.


dk - Oct 01 2007

GTK2 Themes by dkaddict 8 comments

That's the page where the aero-os-xk icons are. I am not sure about the license for the folder icons so ain't gonna post them here. Do a search for NX07 icons at Deviant art. The ones pictured in my preview were applied via 'right-click' 'properties'.

The scrollbars should look the same when the theme is installed. Are you using the pixbuff engine? - Oct 01 2007
Art Of Cappuccino PANEL Patterns

Various Gnome Stuff by darkmaster171280 4 comments

Nice one m8. Rarely do I use panel backs I haven't made. These cut the mustard pal.

Nice stuff


dk - Aug 14 2007
dock trays

Various Stuff by dkaddict 4 comments

Ok. Maybe this will be of more help re the icons I use.

Got no URLs but all of these can be found here and in DeviantArt.

Most icons are 'OSL' and 'Nico Crystal' ,mac style, which can both be found here on KDE look.

Folders and network icons are a mix of, 'Sov Uni' Icons (I got them a while ago elsewhere but noticed they had been packaged and uploaded here (KDE Look) a couple of weeks ago.

The alternative folders are a mix of 'Dark Shine' and 'NIX-addicts' which I got from

Lastly, the mime types and navigation symbols are mostly 'Gant' icons (get here) with some 'Compewter' icons thrown in for good measure. I will post some 'kmenu' icons if anyone asks.


dkaddict - May 29 2007
dock trays

Various Stuff by dkaddict 4 comments

I did the kmenu icon myself and some of the folders. I will look into the licenses on the rest in that theme as I have used all sorts. Then I will post them somewhere. Ok. - May 29 2007
Livid - Iconset Preview

Full Icon Themes by Kephren 15 comments

I like the icons, and in particular, the red colour scheme. I would definitely use a set on my laptop if they were available. It is always good to see an alternative to the status-quo. I feel that there is an over-abundance of blue when it comes to KDE.
Stick at it m8.
Look forward to giving them a try. - Apr 25 2007