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VLC Extensions by exebetche 815 comments

Hey, first of all nice addon! congrats!
I`m one of the guys that want the best subtitle for each movie I wanna watch, so as a Brazilian I always go to the and search for the best subtitle for that release and they are always excellent. is the most used subtitle repository for portuguese (BR and Portugal) I can say 99.9% download subs from there. So it would be really great if you could integrate with them. Some guys already made an API in PHP (available here that you could use as base for it.
You can ask me, ok but why you can't you the PT-br subtitles available on opensubtitles, my answer: most of the PT-br subtitles available there are Google Translated so there are a lot of errors and not synced well.

A friend of mine said to me a while go when he just bought his Macbook, "I miss BS Player that downloaded the subtitle automatically for me" and when I found out about VLSub I sent the link to him right away.

So for all the Brazilians, Portugueses and other countries that speak PT, it would be really really great if you could add an option to download subtitles from ( it requires login and password but I saw on VLSub config that there are some inputs for it, great job :)
I hope you can find some time to improve this excellent addon and integrate with

Thanks, and congratulations again for the job! - Jan 05 2015