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david benjamin
kde4.2-oxygen (modified)

GTK2 Themes by DeeZiD 28 comments

There is, but it doesn't work very well. It's harder to change certain things in GTK+, and the GTK+ guys don't really have any interest in making a nice toolkit that looks good in other platforms like the Qt ones do. (QGtkStyle is an official Trolltech/Qt Software project, while gtk-qt-theme-engine is just a hack someone put together.) - Mar 14 2009

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

Really nice theme! It's the only one I've found that both looks nice and is compact (Oxygen is pretty, but too big for my resolution.)

My one request: It'd be really nice if the window decoration did the same blue focus glow that Oxygen does. It's my only regret about switching the window decoration. - Feb 19 2009

KDE 3.5 Themes by morgenrot 404 comments

You'll need the various header files to compile it. If you install kdebase-dev, it should pull in what you need.

There actually appears to be a .deb already uploaded. That you can install pretty easily in a Debian based system like Kubuntu, although I haven't tried it. - Sep 25 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes by morgenrot 404 comments

Excellent theme! This is the first KDE theme I've ever been able to configure to something I like.

One little request: Could the progress bar's gradient be configurable separately from the button's gradient? I would like to color the separately. - Sep 09 2007