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Danilo Alberto Loor Castillo
Winterscene IV

Wallpaper Other by python_double 6 comments

BUT, what does it have to do with KDE? - Dec 23 2002
Mosfet's Liquid Style for Mdk9 (RPM)

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by frame 24 comments

how do I change teh opacity level? - Nov 08 2002
TeaX 0.2.1

KDE 2 Themes by teax 101 comments

i did everything, followed every step, and got no errors--nothing happened!

im running mandrake 8.2 with kde 2.2.2 - May 03 2002

Ice-WM Themes by mitvix 12 comments

dein Window Decoration sieht echt cool aus! ausgehtzeichnet!

Viva la revolution! Viva il pinguino Tux! - May 03 2002

Wallpaper Other by jhonny 6 comments

Even though I don't speak arabian...

But there is a white sapce that shouldn't be there...

Make a trasparent layer on top it, add the KDE logo and/or TUX there (you might want to lower the opacity) - Feb 17 2002

Wallpaper Other by logixtek 11 comments

but... you over-looked something... you're showing the same side!!!

If I'm not mistaken, the left side is the artistic side; make that the Linux side!!!
An excellent wallpaper nonetheless!!! Good job!!! - Feb 16 2002