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Heiner Klostermann Ahlen, Germany
Nielsen 2

Wallpaper Other by DocChicago 2 comments

mattepiu, thank you for your comment, it is appreciated. From the human point of view, you are perfectly right. Being eaten by a fox is a natural death for a rabbit and better than being imprisoned.

In our (agricultural) region, every day thousands of rabbits die in free nature from unnatural deaths. They lie on the roads, flat like a stamp, overrolled by truck tires. They lie in the corn fields, impoisoned by fertilizers or they are (more or less) living with one or two legs missing, being sliced by the knives of the harvester machines. I think I would prefer dying from a hartache after 10 yrs. of living a good life, even in a cage.

Nevertheless, my daughters have founded a movement: "Free Nielsen 2!" Nielsen 2 is now running through our garden, eating our salads for lunch. - Just enjoy the photo "Free Nielsen 2". - May 14 2006

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Hi, pinbit:

forget about pairing different kinds of animals.

I tried to pair a worm with a hedgehog. I got one meter of barbed wire. - May 14 2006

Wallpaper Other by DocChicago 2 comments

Yes, you´re right. Didn´t know the correct name in English. Just wrote it like it is pronounced in my native language.

I think in German this little guy is called 'Limuren Affe' or 'Lemuren Affe' (Lemur monkey) as well.

Thanks for your help. - Apr 29 2006