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Nenad MikÅ¡a

Wallpaper Other by codicem 8 comments

Thank you for your answer.

It was a bug in ark. I've managed to extract the images.

Thank you for your submission of this wallpaper/KSplash/KDM theme.

It rocks! - Feb 08 2010

Wallpaper Other by codicem 8 comments


I have problems downloading that file.

After downloading file from either link, after extracting images, all of them are corrupted, even little screenshot is corrupted.

Can you please reupload the archives?

Thanks. - Feb 07 2010
TPromet plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by DoDoENT 1 comment

Just type:

plasmapkg -i ./TPrometPlasmoid.plasmoid

in folder to which you have downloaded the plasmoid. - Jul 31 2009

Icon Sub-Sets by suseux 65 comments

My folders' and devices' icons are not applied, even though folders 128x128/filesystems and 128x128/devices exist and are referenced in index.theme.

What should I do? :-( - Jul 21 2008
O3 (Ozone) Final version

GTK2 Themes by adriandumitrupop 7 comments

Hello everyone!

This is indeed the best theme I've ever seen.

But the main menu buttons are ugly grey. How can I fix this?

See the screenshot: - Jul 21 2008