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Dominik H

Utilities by jnmchlptt 244 comments

Hi !
Thank you for k9copy, an excellent tool!

In 2.3.5 I've got an problem with encoding to x264 (with mencoder and ffmpeg) and 2pass :
The error message is :
requested bitrate is too low. estimated minimum is 8kbps

x264_encoder_open failed

FATAL : Cannot initialize video driver
I this a bug ?
1 Pass with exactly the same settings works fine.

- Jun 10 2010

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

and thanks for your quick response !
so I checked for the logfile and found this one : logiso.txt
"I: -input-charset not specified, using utf-8 (detected in locale settings)
genisoimage: Argument list too long. Failed to read VIDEO_TS.IFO"

Concering the preview : No, i can't !

I'm using SUSE and not ubuntu, but that's probably not relevant for this issue.
And ideas ?
- Jan 12 2010

Utilities by jnmchlptt 244 comments

is there any way to encode files with a non-avi container ?
Is it possible to get the mencoder option "-of lavf" which means the container is selected from the file-extension ?
I found no way to encode files to any other container than avi.

By the way - in the actual version in the UI for setting up the encoders the mencoder cannot be selected - the dropdown has got the wrong text : "nmencoder" so at the moment there is no way to chance the encoding settings for mencoder.

- Jan 09 2010

Utilities by csgib 344 comments


recently I started my first small DVD-project with 2ManDVD . Containing only one main-menu with two buttons to start two short clips.
When starting the ISO-creation 2ManDVD posts a message this has be done successfully,
BUT the ISO-file has 0 bytes !
Any ideas ?
- Jan 09 2010

Video Apps by jbm 77 comments

after updating my system (OpenSuse) to KDE 4.3.4. kdenlive has got a servere issue with drag/drop at the timeline.
You can move the clips anywhere without any effect . This makes kdenlive nearly unusable !!!
Please, please fix this asap ! - Jan 09 2010