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Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus by kubicle 227 comments

I installed today Root Action Servicemenu 2.7, in Fedora 14 x86_64 with KDE SC 4.6.1 through GHNS. It failed due to not being able to find the SERVICEMENUDIR. The error is from the script, which I assume is run in the automated install process. In order to make it run successfully, I added the line 'mkdir $SERVICEMENUDIR' before 'install -m 644 $SCRIPTDIR/Root_Actions_$VERSION/dolphin-KDE4/*.desktop $SERVICEMENUDIR || exit 1'.
After that, the automated install process completes successfully and I can, for example, edit a root only text file through kdesu. - Apr 18 2011
KDE CDEmu Manager

System Software by marcel83 56 comments

While making for myself a Fedora RPM, I also translated the application to European Portuguese. It is available in I, hereby, submit it to you. - Dec 28 2010
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by caminoix

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