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Martins Bruvelis Riga, Latvia
CPU Frequency Scaling icon collection

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Dec 04 2009
Somehow, did not notice it in this version. I will update it in a minute. - Dec 04 2009
In my free time, I would love to draw some more icons, but at the moment I have to study, do experiments in laboratory for my research, plus have to do every part time job available, since the science budget in Latvia was cut so badly that all the researchers do not get paid from summer.
I have created icon for ubuntuone, you can check it out in my other contents. - Oct 19 2009
Thanks, that would be nice. Then I could enjoy cpufreq applet without hassle. - Oct 16 2009
When I gave it at thought, I decided to make colors representing CPU power not the core temperature. This way, when CPU is at full power it shows green in such way saying "go ahead do something useful with all that power" :)
There is different applet for gnome panel that shows CPU temperature, for that one I am planning to create a set of icons with colors representing temperature, "cool color like blue, then green, orange and full speed will be red".

Thanks for the comments. - Oct 08 2009
Humanity Weather Icons

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Feb 01 2010
Just wanted to let you know, that it is possible to put icons in user home directory ~/.local/share/icons/gnome/
It will not be system wide use, but it will certainly not mess up system icons. - Nov 27 2009
dropbox icon collection for humanity

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Oct 31 2009
Thanks! For a while know I am quite busy working on my application for scholarship. When I will finish with and when time they will provide information on how to properly customize those icons, I will try to find time to create proper dropbox icon customization packs. - Nov 07 2009
So I installed and checked, it does not change tray icon, only gnome menu icon.
Took a deeper look in to the dropbox tray icon customization for linux. Turns out that for know it is not possible to simply replace .png with custom one, because tray icons are embedded somewhere in proprietary code files.
So much for not using open source, can't simply customize tray icon for your theme.

But I will try to contact dropbox team, maybe they will be kind enough to tell me how to customize tray icons. - Nov 01 2009
As I haven't used dropbox, but only been told where to find dropbox icons, I will install dropbox and check what could be the problem.
Thanks, for reporting it back! - Nov 01 2009
If the icons ar in place, but they still do not show up, most likely it is necessary to update icon cache.

$ sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor
to update icon cache.

And finally restart or start dropbox.

Thanks for comment, I will update, the install info. - Oct 31 2009
Ubuntu One applet icons - Humanity

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Oct 10 2009
Thnaks, know when I have time, this will be the next icons I create for humanity icon set. - Oct 30 2009
Many Thanks BobCFC, know it can be used by other people too. - Oct 15 2009
When I will have some free time, I can try to add some more icons, that haven't been covered by Humanity icon theme. :) - Oct 11 2009
If you could provide info about where dropbox icons can be located. I could take a look next weekend and draw something up. - Oct 11 2009
CPU Frequency Scaling icons in greyscale

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Oct 03 2009
I have created Ubuntu One Humanity style icons, you can check them out at - Oct 10 2009
Thanks, I will check out those icons. And from version alpha-5, karmic was stable enough for me to use it. - Oct 10 2009
Could you tell me, where originaly ubuntuone icons are located? Then I could try to create version that would fit with other panel icons. - Oct 09 2009
CPU Frequency Scaling icon with colorbar

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Oct 04 2009
When I gave it at thought, I decided to make colors representing CPU power not the core temperature. This way, when CPU is at full power it shows green in such way nonverbally saying "go ahead do something useful with all that power" :) - Oct 04 2009
DoMore - memory improvement

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Aug 03 2009
Thanks for the comment, it reminded me that i forgot to mention that hovering mouse over name "correct" in status area, shows last correct number. And it shows it only after input.

Hopefully I will have a time to create full set of exercises for speed reading. - Aug 03 2009
Do More, simple clean round theme.

Beryl/Emerald Themes 14 comments

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Jan 04 2008
Ok, I'll try to create one :). - Dec 31 2007
1. Install Compiz-Fusion + Emerald.
2. From Emerald import downloaded theme. - Dec 29 2007
I always value good suggestions :) and hopefully I'll soon have a free time to update the theme. - Dec 13 2007

Metacity Themes
by daysofruin

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Mar 10 2010
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Nov 27 2009

Full Icon Themes
by wipeout140

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Aug 24 2009
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Aug 24 2009