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Donald Cilly , Spain
Open Dolphin as root

Dolphin Service Menus 11 comments

by loup
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May 17 2020
About the "this is dangerous" comments.
Yes, it is. But Dolphin itself warns you with "Running Dolphin as root can be dangerous. Please be careful."
Of course it should be used "sparingly". I use Dolphin (or Krusader) as root maybe once every three months :·)
Basically, if I have to copy/move *a lot* of files to protected places. - Jun 01 2020
8 great - Jun 01 2020
Lock/unlock directory service menu

Dolphin Service Menus 1 comment

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Jun 01 2020
Until this bug is resolved:
it won't work for root-owned directories on Kubuntu 20.04. - Jun 01 2020
Dolphin service menu to add ISO to grub

Dolphin Service Menus 4 comments

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May 16 2020
Until this bug is resolved,
(which does NOT apply just to Lubuntu) the workaround is to remove the "toram" option from /etc/grub.d/40_custom.
Which *might* cause Calamares to complain, whine and whinge, but do the installation all the same.
- May 18 2020
If you use this often, it might be a good idea to check your /etc/grub.d/40_custom and delete unwanted/unnecessary entries from there.

Don't **delete** the file, **edit** it :·)
- May 13 2020
Thanks :·)
You might want to check out the current version. It's easier to use (no pkexec window) and parses the ISO better (depends on libcdio-utils). - May 13 2020
Panel Transparency Button

Plasma 5 Applets 15 comments

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Jan 22 2020
Yes. Sorry for the delay. It works perfectly. - Jan 23 2020
We're working on it... not with much success though. I'll let you know if and when. Thanks again. - Jan 22 2020
Thank you. I have forwarded your comment on the Kubuntu forum.
Maybe they know ;·) - Jan 22 2020
You may be aware of the fact that lock/unlock widgets is on its way out of Plasma.
It's already disabled in 5.18 beta.
So another way to show/hide the button will be needed (for some it already is - Neon Testing and Kubuntu 20.04-dev for example). - Jan 22 2020
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Sep 21 2019
Oh, all right then :·). I ran convert.lua on it and it seems to work. I might as well base all future versions on the new syntax.
- Nov 21 2019
Very nice. I have conky 1.10.8, but it works with that syntax, so... hey :·) - Nov 20 2019
Please do :·) I'd certainly like to see the results...
- Nov 19 2019
Thanks. Could you post a screencap of what you did with it? :·) - Oct 28 2019
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 308 comments

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Apr 11 2020
I found a good workaround for this. Right-click on the panel, Show Alternatives, Icons-only Task Manager. - Oct 17 2019
Boohoo. Whine. Whinge...
But there must be a way _you_ can do that, right? :·) - May 10 2019
Well, I don't know if that would either ;·)
What I would like is: If I minimize a window for an application that _is_ in the dock, have it minimized just in the dock - not *both* the dock and the taskbar.
It's redundant, a waste of space, the taskbar minimized windows go under the dock, etc.

Now, I can tell KDE to not show them in the taskbar, but if I do that they don't show in the dock either.
Is there I way I can to that? - May 10 2019
You know what a great thing to have would be?
Intercepting the docked applications so the don't show in the taskbar *and* the dock.
We can make them _not_ show in the bar by forcing "skip taskbar" in the window settings, but that makes them disappear from the dock too. - May 10 2019
Very nice - May 10 2019

Plasma Themes 67 comments

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Sep 25 2008
I put the whole updated clock here :·) - Aug 31 2019
Best clock ever - May 14 2019
ZeroNome Dark

Plasma Color Schemes 3 comments

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Dec 11 2011
9 excellent - Jul 02 2019
Revolutionary Clock ( Conky )

Conky 38 comments

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Jul 23 2017
+ - Dec 06 2018
Open Dolphin as root

Dolphin Service Menus
by loup

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8   Jun 01 2020
8 great
ZeroNome Dark

Plasma Color Schemes
by ElementoCero

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9   Jul 02 2019
9 excellent

Plasma Themes
by AdrienV

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10   May 14 2019
Best clock ever
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements
by Psifidotos

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9   May 10 2019
Very nice
Score 77.7%
9   Dec 06 2018