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Jul 04 2018
Many other packages also place Python files under the lib directory. The problem with installing to site-packages is that it would be tied to a particular Python version (2.4, 2.5, 2.6, etc.) and would break when Python was upgraded.
- Apr 23 2010

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Mar 17 2019
It works fine for me. Note that the download link takes you to a berlios mirror page, so be careful with doing a save-link-as from the KDE-apps download link. - Jun 18 2008

Kexi is not really very similar. Kexi is basically a database front-end (like MS Access), while TreeLine is basically an outliner with some database-like capabilities.

I'm not too worried about sharing a file extension with some Windows-only GPS mapping software. TreeLine has had the same file extension for many years. The users would be inconvenienced more by changing it now.

- Feb 21 2006
Strange... I'd suspect it has something to do with the versions of libraries you're running. What are your versions for Qt, Python, sip and PyQt? Also, what distro? - Nov 08 2005

Encryption is already there - just do a "Save As" and change the file type.

Thanks for the kind words.

- Apr 25 2005