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Davide Candita Bologna, Italy
MrLinux Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mrlinux2008 1 comment

Good idea, but it seems a bad collage - Jul 06 2008
Linux world

Wallpaper Other by dpu83 3 comments

Thanks Very Much! - Jun 28 2008
Valentine SVG

Wallpaper Other by trisz 8 comments

Nice work, I like a lot. I made a few changes for my girlfriend.
In my website
in the "immagini->valentine" section - Feb 13 2008

Cliparts by dpu83 2 comments

Thanks for the suggestion - Feb 11 2008
KDE 4 spotlight

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by thebadapples 7 comments

You should write for X11-systems, mac and window$ - Feb 03 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by dpu83 3 comments

Is there any way to refresh a superkaramba theme only when needed? - Oct 24 2006