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andre duke Macapá, Brazil
'Q' DVD-Author

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Jan 09 2010
I dont understand about this stuff of compile...

Can someone tell me how compile rc3 from source??

I already have the qt3 and the qmake, but i dont know compile it! - Nov 27 2007

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by jbm
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Apr 07 2013
I discovered whats going on!

My antique CPU dont have "power" to render movies!

It always hangs ou crashes!

Now, with a 2 giga memory and a quad core processor, its too easy render and author movies...uhauahuha!

My last CPU was an athlon xp2000+ with 512mb of memory! - Nov 18 2007
I tryied render my videos projects and i dont have sucess...the system hangs or crash...

Any idea of what's happening? - Jul 01 2007
K3b Debian Etch deb

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Jan 24 2010
I tryed all kinds of k3b i have found...

i have done a lot of downloads of .debs k3bs and no one works...

I downloaded svn and bz2 from the k3b site...

and none works...NONE!

The one whos works for me was that one from here! AWESOME! After two months trying install it, the one from this site was the unique whos works! Congratulations!! - May 26 2007