Cursors by KuduK 53 comments


Ecliz is one of my favorite themes (the small version). I have used it since it first came out 5-7 years ago. The one fix that it needs is the xterm (or I-Beam) cursor that is created by the .../Sources/xterm0.png cursor. In its original state it is invisible when used with dark themes. Over the years, what I've done is to simply add a contrast color to the center of it -- works perfectly. If you are interested, you can download them here:

Enjoy! They're GPL of course so use at will. - Jun 01 2010

Wallpaper Other by salvadhor 2 comments

Same link issue here. The link points to:


(of course removing the extraneous 'http//' solves the problem...) - May 31 2010

Wallpaper Other by salvadhor 2 comments


I think your link is broken. The direct download link is:

http://http// - May 31 2010
Darkness emerald theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by adamantis 7 comments

Great Job,

Any thought of packaging all the pieces together in a Darkness_(rgba)_Suite.tar.bz2?

- May 31 2010

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 6 comments


I tried to download the theme and the link is broken at exchange.e17 I guess. The page dumped a [[symphony php framework]] error?

I tried twice just to make sure. Thanks for the great themes! - May 28 2010
Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

Various Plasma Theming by skulptor 131 comments


If this works, this will be great. KDE4 needs some good news :p I'll install tonight and provide feedback. Thanks! - May 27 2010

Wallpaper Other by carlinuxlearner 6 comments


Do you have a copy without the kids on it? - May 27 2010
woda grün 1920x1200

Wallpaper Other by woda 3 comments

Err... broen should be broken... - May 04 2010
woda grün 1920x1200

Wallpaper Other by woda 3 comments

The wallpapers look nice, but the links to them are broken. They return a 404 error. - May 04 2010

GTK2 Themes by d3p4z 8 comments


I was hoping someone would port 23 oz., Ganymede, DarkOne and some of the other e16 themes to gtk and thanks to your we have it now. Good Job! - May 04 2010
Arch-black and white transparent

Wallpapers Arch by daily 1 comment

I like the wallpapers, but they seem to have a bit too much blur applied. One neat trick is to copy the actual logo to a separate layer above the background before blurring, and duplicate it again. Then take the middle layer and blur it and then lighten/darken the top layer until you get the contrast you like :p - Apr 25 2010

Wallpapers Arch by daily 1 comment

I'm glad to see so many Arch Linux related wallpapers, etc.. on kde-look. For those that don't know, Arch is a fantastic Linux distribution that is based on the 'Rolling Release' model. That means there are no Arch Linux 'releases' like 10.2, 10.3, etc.. Each time you do an update in Arch, you are updating to the latest version of Arch.

It doesn't come with training wheel, but has a good installer and great wiki. If you can read, you can successfully install Arch :p - Apr 25 2010

Compiz Themes by lianimator 6 comments

I use an inverted theme all the time (dark back light text) just for the reason of it being easier on the eyes. One area that is difficult to deal with is web pages with the white backgrounds. I'll give this a go and see how it works.

If you haven't looked at the NightShift-eye care stylish theme for firefox, it is definitely worth a look. You can grab it here:

(screenshot provided at location)

Thanks for work with compiz. Very few people actually do additions for it and it is a truely elegant desktop independent window manager (for desktops modified to work with it - currently kde3, kde4, Gnome, E17 (ecomorph) and a branch of xfce (I forget the name) - Apr 21 2010
Home Atlas 2

Beryl/Emerald Themes by panopticon36 1 comment

Just FYI, the link for the gtk2 theme is broken. - Apr 13 2010

Wallpaper Other by isakaraturna 1 comment

Please remember to upload a screenshot of your wallpaper when you post something new. You can update this wallpaper and add one. Thanks. - Apr 10 2010

Full Icon Themes by frag 70 comments

Iceglass is one of the most complete dark themes for kde that I have found. Even more so than the Oxygen Refit dark theme.

This theme works equally well in kde3. The only missing kde3 icon is the openfolder icon in konqueror. 90+ percent of the apps are covered as well.

Good job! - Apr 05 2010
dcrDarkClassic gedit style

Gedit Color Schemes by drankinatty 3 comments

Oops, sorry I omitted the install step. It's really easy.

To install for you only:

In gedit, from the menu, choose:

Edit -> Preferences -> Fonts & Colors -> Add

Then just navigate to the spot you saved the DarkClassic.xml file to and select it. Done.

To install system wide:

(as root) copy the DarkClassic.xml file to /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/ directory, then restart gedit and the style will be available in the list in Edit -> Preferences -> Fonts & Colors

- Feb 25 2010

Text Editors by cullmann 43 comments

I have tried the toggle (assigned shift+F7) to switch between the konsole pane and the editor pane, and it doesn't switch between the panes, instead, it "closes" the konsole pane.

What I am really looking for is a shortcut to actually "switch between" the panes while leaving the konsole pane open similar to the behavior of F8 for switching between the split editor panes.

It would be incredibly useful to have a shortcut like "alt+uparrow" and "alt+downarrow" to switch between the vertical panes of kate. The behavior of each shortcut could cycle (editor -> konsole -> find -> editor) and at the same time leave up/down to switch immediately between 2 adjacent panes.

Taking your hands from the keyboard to pick up the mouse and click in the window and then reorienting your hands on the keyboard is a bit of a slowdown.

Is there something hidden in the code that would allow this? - Sep 24 2008
Drone SubDark

KDE 3 Color Schemes by microchip 6 comments

Excellent theme.

I generally don't like dark themes for window decorations and backgrounds, except for xtems, but this them works great.

Thanks for the hard work and the artist's eye for clean, subtle contrast - Mar 27 2008