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Gnome Desktop Wallpaper

Wallpapers Gnome by Ludalex 3 comments

If it ain't your work, then give the credits to the original author! :p - Mar 18 2007
Gnome Desktop Wallpaper

Wallpapers Gnome by Ludalex 3 comments

Very nice, clean and stylish. Great colors! - Mar 18 2007
Debian - Nine Tailed Demon Power

Wallpapers Debian by ATAHUALPA 1 comment

Very clean and beautiful!

Great Work! - Mar 14 2007
Simple Gnome Neutral

Wallpapers Gnome by fibermarupok 5 comments

Now this is quality! Great stuff! - Mar 14 2007

Metacity Themes by arsen 16 comments

I love this theme!
Sleek and minimalistic, Great work! - Mar 13 2007
Murrine Configurator

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 10 comments

Great! :D
I love the Murrine-engine and i love this tool ;D
Makes it easy to tweak a Murrina into perfection!

Thanks cimi ;) - Sep 17 2006
The Linux Force II

Wallpaper Other by ruliokam 15 comments

Totally AWESOME! I want more of this stuff! :D:D - Aug 29 2006
Simple Gnome IV

Wallpapers Gnome by fibermarupok 1 comment

Very nice :)
I love the text, i dont know why, but I do! - Aug 23 2006
gnome-power-manager tango! theme

Icon Sub-Sets by dcubed20 2 comments

I liked the Red and Black the most, because i could distinguish the details better compared to the white and yellow one.

Yep, I'm gonna use this, thank you! :) - Aug 20 2006
Simple Gnome 3

Wallpapers Gnome by fibermarupok 4 comments

This is excellent!
Fresh, clean and modern looking. - Aug 18 2006

Compiz Themes by adamtropics 1 comment

Wow! :D
Cool :) - Aug 14 2006
Murrine Glass.

Compiz Themes by zammi 16 comments

Looks great ;D
Fresh and clean! - Aug 14 2006
Designed for FreeBSD

Cliparts by mdksdc 6 comments

Hmm.. A little bit to blurry, try to make it sharper! ;) - Aug 14 2006
Gaim Guifications Mint

Various Gnome Stuff by xrab 2 comments

Clean and minimalistic, fits the Mint GTK-theme well :)

Good work! - Aug 08 2006
Eternal Aqua (Compiz)

Metacity Themes by nysosym 7 comments

smooth, great colors, great job! :) - Jul 30 2006
All the best things in life...

Wallpaper Other by DrMegahertz 5 comments

Thank you! :D

I liked your idea but unfortunately, the quality was rather low :/ - Jul 27 2006