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Christian A. Reiter Salzburg, Austria
Tux vs Windows 7 Fish

Wallpapers Windows by YAFU 6 comments

File was removed due to license issues. I think MS doesn't like copying their highly sophisticated pictures with patent claims in them.

Anyway, Link is broken... - Nov 25 2012
Qt Opencv webcam viewer

Webcam & Monitoring by windel 21 comments

have you got a repository where you have the code?
If I want to use it in my software, it would be great to have a git repo, where I can suggest you patches as well?
gitorious? github? google code? - Jul 12 2012

Plasma Themes by Znurre 22 comments

Download is broken (404). - Oct 30 2011

Database by leonardomateo 6 comments

...couldn't say it better.
my 2 cents. - Dec 03 2010
Square [QtCurve]

QtCurve by dedmopozzz 5 comments

thanks, working! - Nov 23 2010
Square [QtCurve]

QtCurve by dedmopozzz 5 comments


I like your color scheme + style very much.

But you can't get it via KDE KGetHotNewStuff (within the KDe settings):
I don't want to copy/form etc. your work - and upload it myself, but could you please upload the color scheme via the KDE utility (in systemsettings -> color -> upload schema.
then we can all get this vie GetNewHotStuff and don't have to download it manually, save it, and drag it into the settings.

So anyone could search for "square" within KDe color settings and get it easily.

I could do this but then my name would be beneath it. - Nov 21 2010

Plasma Themes by dee2er 16 comments

Eh. thynks. Now it works. Sorry for voting this down, it was some kind of... "accident" - I realized that you can't change your vote. Is that possible? Now that I can install it I like it very much though. - Oct 22 2010

Utilities by VolkerLanz 4 comments

really genious app. Thanks.

2 things:
- on the main screen, the two main possibilities sould not be checkboxes, but radio boxes.
- the logo is ugly (16 colors?)

Anyway. my complements. - Oct 22 2010

Plasma Themes by dee2er 16 comments

Eh - shouldn't it be installable with the systemsettings installer over kgetnewstuff? That's the way It is thought to work.
What's wrong with the theme that this is not possible? - Oct 19 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by apachelogger 4 comments

Hi. under Kubuntu Maverick it does not work, failed dependencies.
there ist no ruby-kde4 package in Ubuntu, nor does installing plasma-scriptengine-ruby inclusive its dependencies help.

what else so you need? - Oct 18 2010
mk-wallpapers v.2.1-gray

Wallpaper Other by mickch200 1 comment

download link is broken (404) - Oct 18 2010
Pardus Wallpaper 6

Wallpaper Other by martinamca 6 comments

Please directly link the pictures, do not link them to another homepage ( as it can't be used in KDE with KNewHotStuff any more.
Just try to go to the desktopsettings in KDE and download that file - it's not possible any more. - Sep 22 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by iduhasti 106 comments

does not work with debian sid KDE 4.4.5.
says: Python-script-treiber für Plasmacon kann nicht initialisiert werden.
what means: python script driver for plasmacon couldn't be initialized. - Sep 15 2010
Idea: Save Amarok 1.4

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by stalin2000 28 comments

"I also loved having it load the music meta-data into my postgreSQL database, where I could run queries and look at the data myself. Now it uses an embeded database which I can't inspect."
Not true, it can use external databases as well. Look into the config.

"I also dislike the middle display column."
Just switch it off (the middle column). That easy. - Jan 09 2010

Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

I use the kubuntu version (0.3.6-0ubuntu1) - there a drop on the file list does nothing, it just accepts files...

ohh - i just saw that you wrote this in your changelog in 0.3.8 - i'll try to compile it manually. - Jul 17 2008

Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

Are there any plans for qt4/KDE4?
Would be great.

And would you implement dragging a whole directory into the list, not only files? - Jul 16 2008
Bandera Mexicana

GDM Themes by Juarez 2 comments

puedes escribir in ingles?
me gusta el Espanol tambien, pero no toda la gente pueden leerlo...

And the rules say all text must be in English ;-)
(Soy Austriaco, así Alemán es mi idioma ;-) ) - Feb 10 2008
Ubuntu Desert

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johndian 2 comments

I think you meant "Desert", not the sweety ;-) - Jun 30 2007
Aqualooks 0.1.0 (Alpha)

GTK2 Themes by zammi 33 comments

Same here, Ubuntu 7.04, gnome-panel crashes with a segfault.
everything else seems to work.
What distro are you using? - Jun 01 2007
Super AmaroK Desktop

Karamba & Superkaramba by gstnet 7 comments

it starts, but stays invisible, no matter wehat I do, regardless of having amarok started, playing, stopped, not loaded, anything.
It is there, but very - eh - glassy.
Any suggestions? - Apr 12 2007

GTK2 Themes by toby 17 comments

Hey, great theme, but your quits with an error.
you have the following line in it:

cd panther && cp -R cursors $HOME/.icons/default/

that doesn't work as you replaced this install method with a newer one.
replace this line with "cd panther && sh install" and it works.

And maybe update the package ;-)

Chris - Aug 09 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 96 comments

great iconset.
But the icons for a mounted and unmounted device are the same. Could you add some icon versions for mounted devices?
Chris - Nov 01 2005
Nov 21 2010
Tux vs Windows 7 Fish

Wallpapers Windows

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by VolkerLanz

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Plasma Themes
by dee2er

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