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Hey Markos! Nice job, looks clean and nice, but got some weird behaviour. When I run the script to copy the theme I can't go to fullscreen. Gimp only takes a part of the screen, there is no button that goes into fullscreen mode and when I press shift+f it only makes the window decorator disappear. Then I go to themes menu and the gimp's dark theme is selected instead of yours. When I select your theme gimp turns light (much more light than official gimp light) and the fullscreen button reappears. Then I select the gimp's dark skin and gimp turns to look the way it should be based on your pictures. I have to repeat the procedure every time I open gimp if I want to use your theme. Not a big deal indeed, but I felt like I should share it with you since you already did such a nice job. It's super erroneous behaviour, but I hope you got something from the description :) . I'm on mint 19.2 gimp 2.10.12 - Oct 24 2019