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Joshua Weird , United States of America
Kim's Desktop Enviroment

People by rana 18 comments

It makes me cry because she dose not live here. :'( I mean... that's just wrong. lol
I don't know, maybe it's just 'cause I haven't had none in a while. lol
Nice background, dude. - Jun 07 2006
Debian Stone

Wallpapers Debian by spider 1 comment

Hey, I was wondering. Can I use this picture on MySpace?
I'm trying to make a nice profile, and I want linux-Like. lol - Apr 10 2006
2 Matterhorn

Wallpaper Other by peterpan 1 comment

Looks lice, but you should have made it a png file, if you could. It's just that where the white fades into the black, it looks like you have rings.
I vote good, though,,, I like it. - Apr 06 2006
Linux Class 2

Wallpaper Other by linuxclass 37 comments

Er... bla, and a bunch of other words I don't know what they are...
I just want to know... why are you all so big on what liscense it is? No one pays attention to it and cares! lol
It's still there, either way.
He could have put it under Proprietary License, and no one would have known the difference. Except of course for the one who made it. It doesn't hurt you. It would just hurt the one who put it up here, and you act like you're gonna get sued. - Apr 01 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by viktord 3 comments

Hey, I've never used Mac, and don't have anything against it, but Linux isn't Mac.
I mean... your splach looks cool, but Linux just isn't Mac. - Dec 05 2005
Magera's Theme

KDE 3.5 Themes by bmagera91 12 comments

Yeah, it's cool, but it reminds me a little too much of the new Windows system "Longhorn."
Pretty cool though, man. - Dec 05 2005
Invader Zim - Martian Surface

Wallpaper Other by InfinityX 7 comments

Unfortunately, yes... they stopped airing it in '01 I believe. I don't remember exactly what year it was, however I have no use to miss the episodes. I have them all on DVD. :-D ((evil laugh))
However, it does come on one of the higher numbered Nickalodeon channels at 9:00 central time. May you watch it, and have panic attacks in peace.
... Well, that's what they do. - Nov 23 2005
Invader Zim Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by zodak 2 comments

Dude, when you make this, huh?!
Why you no make BEFORE I try to switch to Suse?! (Which didn't work on my old piece of crap computer, by the way)... (It's a '99 Gateway)
Yeah... umm... anyway, YOU MAKE MORE OF THESE! - Nov 23 2005
Angelic Sounds

System Sounds by Jeckyll 17 comments

Hey, man. You should make some of these .wav files. I'd do it myself, but my Linux is down right now. :'( - Nov 22 2005

Wallpaper Other by scream 3 comments

And the wallpaper is very nice. - Jul 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by scream 3 comments

Are you German?
I don' know why I ask... BUT ARE YOU?! 'Cause if you was that would be like wow for no apparent reason. - Jul 24 2005
Tux-Mania for KDM Update

KDM3 Themes by scream 14 comments

Now, I know none of you are talking about it now, but in one of the first comments, someone menchened Yahoo.
I just thought that whomever reads this should know, I HATE YAHOO!
I've also got a Windows system, and my Mother put Yahoo on it. I've got an old computer, so it slowed WAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAYyyy down.
So, anyone that still uses a Windows system, STAY AWAY FROM YAHOO!
Thank you. That is all...

Dark Horizon

Wallpaper Other by DrWeird 5 comments

... Oh well...n I don't care no mo'. :-P - Jul 22 2005
Dark Horizon

Wallpaper Other by DrWeird 5 comments

Horizen, then. And, bla. - Jul 18 2005
Blue Bust Linux

Wallpaper Other by tripinstar 8 comments

It's not porn!
You are all true computer geeks. This isn't porn at all. Actualy, it's really stupid. I mean what the hell... Why would you do this? There's nothing to look at. If he tried to make this with true porn, it would be something like 2 people f***in' eachother.
So, it's not porn. Spank you, helpy helpertons. - Jul 01 2005
Alien Night

Wallpaper Other by Amibug 13 comments

Yeah, I know for a fact that's on Linux Slackware. And yes, it is default. But if he wanted to do it, then let him. - Jun 26 2005
Beach Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by robcio111 19 comments

Oh my God! What is it with you and GPL crap?! Don't worry about what license it is, and use it if you want it! - Jun 19 2005
Beach Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by robcio111 19 comments

lol, what's wrong with you? That's actually kind of nice. And it's not porn. How do you get pornography out of that? - Jun 19 2005
Carmella KDM

KDM3 Themes by phxguy 31 comments

... What is it with this site and porn? I haven't seen any pornographic materials on this site ever before. I still don't.
That's not porn. - May 26 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by 680958942 3 comments

I like that! I's better than the ones I've made, and I don't say that often. lol You'sa keep makin' these! Because I said so... - May 22 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by DrWeird 4 comments

Thank you very much... This shall help :-D - May 14 2005
Blue K-bar

Various Stuff by DrWeird 4 comments

That's the only way I do it, is to restart KDE. And, thank you. - May 13 2005
Smoke and Glass

Wallpaper Other by 680958942 1 comment

I like! I like! - May 13 2005
Green Warp

Wallpaper Other by DrWeird 2 comments

Hit, not hig... :-| - May 13 2005
Green Warp

Wallpaper Other by DrWeird 2 comments

The last one did rather well in 1024 x 768, so I figured I'd make it 1280 x 1024 and help some people out with that screen size. So, have fun! lol
Please, hig good or w/e (not bad) lol and tell me how my stuff is.
Feed-back requested. I might come up with some new stuff soon... - May 13 2005
Kicker Bar

Kicker Panel by 680958942 1 comment

Looks good... - May 12 2005
Angelic Sounds

System Sounds by Jeckyll 17 comments

I like!!! That's pretty freakin' good! - May 12 2005
Nuclear explosion

Wallpaper Other by ankerl 4 comments

How exactly did you make it to where it shows up in the website? All of mine aren't showing up. - May 12 2005
New Kicker Sidebar

Kicker Panel by 680958942 2 comments

Nice! I like... - May 12 2005
"Red Water

Wallpaper Other by DrWeird 1 comment

Some of you, if you would, please comment n this and tell me what you think. Thank you. - May 12 2005
Nuclear explosion

Wallpaper Other by ankerl 4 comments

That's a sunset... lol - May 12 2005
My private tiger

Wallpaper Other by ankerl 2 comments

Yeah, that's a pretty cute cat. I got 4 kittens here. You want 'em? My Dad won't let me keep 'em. :'( - May 12 2005