Black Screenlets

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HI! where I can found wolume control screenlet? - Jan 24 2008
Clear Weather Screenlet

Conky by Whise 50 comments

hi I found bug... when day 0 icon is not available screenlet does nothing because sends "-" in this case for icon... but in code is used int("-") in this case...

this can be fixed by adding this line:

if weather[0]["icon"]=="-": weather[0]["icon"]="48"

before this line:
icon = str(self.get_icon(int(weather[0]["icon"])) )

and you must rename "na.png" or something like that to "48.png" and then works fine...
this might be bug for other days too... so add lines for other days too... - Jan 21 2008
Net Monitor Screenlet

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this is causing counter that is used in this screenlet when it goes to 99999999 and next is 00000001 and then when it subtract 1-99999999 it's negative...
- Jan 17 2008
Net Monitor Screenlet

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did you tried this... I tryed but it's not working for me... my solution to this is to go to ~/.config/Screenlets/Netmonitor/default
and add this 2 lines to file called Netmonitor.ini

upload_total=0 - Jan 17 2008
japanese manuscript

Wallpaper Other by feliz 18 comments

realy great work... I like it very much, I even created themes for my screenlets, gdm theme & gfx boot message to fit this wallpaper :) - Jan 15 2008

Bootsplash Various by danieleg 2 comments

it says something like this
"file is too big..." or something similar and "press a key to continue" and then opens my old grub.. :(
I tried ty delete not needed translations (need english only) but it's still "big" can you make it about 150KB? - Jan 05 2008
Hella Screenlet

Conky by ashy 6 comments

what it does? :) no matter.. I only want to say only that you need to change icon.png to icon.svg because screenlets use icon.svg (don't need to draw new picture just rename it) :) - Jan 02 2008
Net Monitor

Conky by drxnele 78 comments

tnx! I try to locate & fix this... but I don't promise fixing it in short time.. because I can't test it (my device is ra0) and I'm new in this screenlets & python stuff, still learning :) - Jan 02 2008
Net Monitor

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first you must have installed screenlets*.deb package
and then just unpack this archive and copy to your ~/.screenlets folder

(look on or
for detailed instruction and more screenlets) - Dec 19 2007
Net Monitor Screenlet

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hi can i post edited version of your netmonitor0.6... I edited only text labels & themes - Dec 18 2007
ubuntu ice splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by drxnele 2 comments

thank you... I'm realy happy you like it... this was some of my first works in gimp :) - Dec 17 2007