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ralph m , Netherlands

GTK2 Themes 337 comments

Score 77.5%
Jan 13 2011
PS. Best in combination with strata xp for linux 5.0 - Aug 13 2011
i have made (re-edit) a theme for firefox / stylish

After installing stylish and this script the inactive tabs are black.
- Aug 12 2011
dom desk

Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

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Aug 20 2010
did you read the description?

"Transparent panel image (under the download button)"

The desktop shots are under the small images. - Aug 26 2010

Full Icon Themes 69 comments

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Aug 25 2017
Thank you for doing this i had a wish that this icon theme was blue. But never did it (no time etc etc. bla bla bla ;-) )

so now it can match my theme and window border.

I like mine setup a bit more than this screenshot but hey maybe I'm the only one /-)

try this combination ;-)

window border:Ambiance Elementary fusion

change the colors a bit > "chosen items" (nl: gekozen items) and select the color from blue from the close button.

one fine combination!

(not 100% the same, i change the blue color on the screenshot but you get the idea) - Aug 20 2010
Nautilus icon for Faenza

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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Sep 19 2010
I'm with you, i hope this will end up inside the official pack. - Aug 13 2010
Retro TV Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 3 comments

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Aug 02 2010
thats one crazy cat ;-P - Aug 07 2010
one of the better Ubuntu ones, if seen. Thanks. - Aug 07 2010
Firefox Ambiance

Metacity Themes 1 comment

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May 11 2010
thanks, the tab buttons are nicer and it's black now :-)

Before I did install tiny menu and move the menu icon t the right and all the icons from the navigation bar to the menu bar so the background was black. this solution is better. - May 12 2010

deKorator Themes 15 comments

Score 70.0%
Apr 07 2010
are you using Gnome and KDE apps?? How can I set Doplin as defauld explorer?? - Apr 09 2010

System Software 224 comments

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Jan 08 2013
Indeed it shows as "Software management" Kpackagekit. sorry. But i still think that Kubuntu also must put this application. inside the favorite menu. - Dec 09 2009
Hi I like Kpackagekit on Kubuntu. But a I want to leave a thing to think about.
On Kubuntu new users can't find a easy way of installing apps because It is called Kpackagekit and not Software manager or something, and not under Favorites but far away inside the Kmenu (I know it's a Kubuntu thing maybe) and I was searching for the install button I was not able to find it, after a minute i saw the little arrow on the right side, maybe a idea to follow the KDE rules and make a button "download" with a arrow, like it is on download new stuff on KDE 4. And another thing, when i start the program it's empty, I have to select another filter or search something and delete that again to see all packages. I this a bug? Ok thats it for now. It's a nice package manager, it's impressive fast. - Dec 04 2009

Plasma Themes 262 comments

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Feb 14 2010
I have Kubuntu 9.10 and Lancelot is transparent here.

This theme has the potential to be the default one for KDE 4.4! Ik like it more than the default one now. It's more mature and stylish. - Oct 24 2009
Breathing Linux

KDE 4 Splashscreens 12 comments

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Sep 21 2009
well Yes I mend bootsplash.

Kubuntu use Usplash.
some info i found: - Sep 24 2009
make a boot splash. make a boot splash.. make a boot splash... make a boot splash.... make a boot splash...... make a boot splash...... make a boot splash..........please ;). I want the same image, getting darker when I boot Kubuntu. Can you make this? ahem, well, I like what i'm seeing. This is a nice KDE splash! - Sep 23 2009
Animated Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins 118 comments

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Oct 06 2009
to bad, is saves energy and cpu power.

What you mean whit "windows can be transparent"?
You mean unlike on MS windows systems, windows can do more (like transparent etc.) than on MS windows.
Maybe a option box so users can select this option when they want.

Nevertheless nice peace of work. - Sep 17 2009
Will the movie stop when a window is maximized? (like on vista) - Sep 17 2009

Plasma Themes 6 comments

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Sep 21 2009
Yep it is... others will like it maybe... I didn't vote this time. - Sep 17 2009
I like the original behavior more. - Sep 17 2009
Air for Nokia

Phone Themes 21 comments

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Oct 04 2009
ho YES... Thank you... downloading :) - Jul 31 2009
Nice but please use KDE icons, I don't like the default ones. - Jul 19 2009
Ubuntu Dust

GTK2 Themes 125 comments

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Sep 08 2008
this is nice, i use it myself (and make a blog about it) :)
one thing I think it will be nicer to have the tabs (>rsc>resources>documents) a bit less tall so it looks nicer.
I have upload a shot so you can see what i mean.

But overall i vote good! - May 25 2009
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

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Sep 02 2017
I was looking for a nice weather widget and this one is the best one i have seen on Mac Linux and win. thank you - Apr 10 2009
new-theme #2

Plasma Themes 35 comments

Score 46.0%
Mar 17 2009
I have to say WOW... (o no that was VISTA)... :( I Try again ;). I have to say REALLY NICE! I Like all of it and specially the window decoration. One of the best, I hope to test it tomorrow now I'm stuk on a Vista machine (not mine). - Mar 10 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets 55 comments

Score 53.9%
Jul 16 2012
I'm sorry wrong tab page :( the comment was for another page.

Stupid me - Mar 10 2009
I have to say WOW... (o no that was VISTA)... :( I Try again ;). I have to say REALLY NICE! I Like all of it and specially the window decoration. One of the best, I hope to test it tomorrow now I'm stuk on a Vista machine (not mine). - Mar 10 2009

Various Plasma Theming 10 comments

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Jul 31 2017
Are you already know your answer? ;) - Dec 27 2008
Adopt Me

Wallpaper Other 11 comments

Score 58.0%
Nov 28 2008
I that case I was mistaken.
sorry. - Nov 10 2008
I think this is spam! Don't advertise op this site please, it a community site. - Mar 30 2008
M.O.V.E. (My Own Video Encoder)

Video Apps 19 comments

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Dec 15 2009
If it's not working for you.
You can try Gom Encoder, this app is windows only but running on wine for about 90% of his fucktions.

This works for me (i have a P2) Gom encoder as presettings for the P2 and T10. - Sep 04 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 109 comments

Score 76.7%
Jul 10 2009
yes finally i can run your menu! After an update to KDE 4.1.1 Lancelot installs ;)

And I must say, it is very good! I love the hover and wait thing (maybe an adjustable timeout?) It's really smart and really nice for a first version.
I like the icons on the right side, so you can't hover on tabs that you don't want to use (like kickoff).

the navigation of program's is really better than on kickoff but still like the classic KDE menu more. ItÅ› maybe nice the have a option the have the Lancelot menu but than whit classic menu for the programs

And I think that the favorite programs can be a separate icon on the right. so the program section is easier for the eye.

And if you make the alternative starters icons (categories) a popup on hover that say what the icon stands for will be handy.

A small bug found, when you make the menu really small the icons stays the same size and don't behave correctly.

How long did you program to built this menu? I thing this menu is a really good start with potential to be really really good. it's now one the best one for KDE 4.
- Sep 03 2008
to bad the one click installer will not work. It ask for a kdebase4-runtime 4.1.1 version and the installed version now is 4.1.0-42.6 the setup will not continue :(.

Can't found a 4.1.1 version so I think i have to wait for an OpenSUSE kde 4 update. (or i did something wrong :( ) - Aug 28 2008
you are the best!!!!
When i get home i will try it! - Aug 28 2008
Hi I have try to install this app from source but on OpenSUSE it's not that easy :( (not for me anyway) It will not compile because of a missing cxx or something. I give up... can anyone make a RPM please or upload an RPM to the KDE 4 opensuse server. The menu looks cool and handy. I don't like the classic menu because of missing some handy features of the kickoff menu but can't stand the back and forward klicking inside the kickoff to navigate it's slow and just stupid!... sorry kickoff developers. ;)

I hope this menu workt for me (when i can install this one ;))

Ps. I hope one day there will be one installer for the Linux desktop, this source thing is not really handy for most users. - Aug 27 2008
New sysinfo

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

by key87
Score 63.3%
Jul 13 2008
beautiful! nicer than the original one. - Jul 05 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes 192 comments

by Ezy
Score 58.0%
Jul 20 2009
I'm using this theme for 2 weeks now and I love it!, the Amarok theme is also a nice one. I hope to see also a KDE 4 version of this theme. - Apr 19 2008
Think Linux

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Mar 26 2008
Double post.
But still like it. - Mar 26 2008

Plasma Themes 62 comments

Score 67.8%
Feb 15 2009
Thanks for this, I think it's the first theme that makes a different look and feel of the kicker (grey) nice. - Mar 03 2008

Amarok Themes 8 comments

by dangp
Score 58.0%
Oct 17 2009
and KDE 4 - Feb 13 2008
Vally8 Plasma Theme

Kopete Styles 9 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 08 2008
it's a nice theme but the font is to dark, I can't easily read it. - Feb 09 2008
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps 324 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 14 2007
Ps. a compliment the way you implanted the theming option, it's easy to use. - Feb 07 2008
I have made a new theme to match the new KDE 4 look.


Have fun with it.

Dum :D - Feb 07 2008
Hi I read the page that you are going to Windows again. It's sad that you are going away from Linux. You have taste the power of the Linux desktop. But I have to agree on some points you make, out of the box hardware support on Windows sucks big time but all manufacturers make nice drivers for Vista and XP and most of the time forget the Linux users. The Linux community works 24/7 to make all hardware works right but... you say it already it's still not perfect but getting better.

It's sad to see that the MS vendor Locking still works even on people that knows that.

I still use Windows for some programs like games and for example the Gom encoder to convert movies to SVI files so my Samsung P2 player can play them, there are Linux programs but all are not that easy to use. I have a dual boot on my home machine and most of the time I'm behind KDE 3.5 and love this desktop, but sometimes I like XP too, it's not "MS Windows" that i like but after some tweaking and downloading the right drivers and a lot of other -Open Source/Close Source- "killer apps" Windows works fine.

You are going back to Windows thats your decision.... good luck with Windows, I hope you install a good virus/spyware/ad-ware scanner :P

I hope you can find your way again on Windows if not KDE 4 is still out there waiting for you ;) - Feb 06 2008
oh man you did a really good job on this one. the Beta 2 rocks big time. It looks really smooth and you edit "my" theme (kore and power sound) and the theme look a lot better. At the moment I'm writing a review and installation manual of the new OpenSUSE 10.3 release so this weer I can't test this app but after I'm done I will test it and make some new themes for Kirocker Beta2 :0

For all users that running OpenSUSE 10.3 You van install Beta2 with Yast. - Oct 08 2007
Kirocker theme > Blue power sound

Kirocker 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 06 2008
I have updated my post on
there is now a new description and a link to your theme version (version 1.3 :) )
Thanks for supporting my theme. - Feb 06 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 10 2008
[complete off-topic]
I think KDE4 have to work on a installer (import) function, This is really hard to do for a normal user. - Jan 10 2008
My Domino

KDE 3.5 Themes 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 29 2007
nice, maybe you can upload the blue theme to kde-look. :) - Dec 29 2007
hi, nice theme but what icon theme are you using in this screenshot? - Dec 29 2007
Azurite Darkmod

Beryl/Emerald Themes 10 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 07 2008
Nice, but there is one thing I don't like.
When maximize the transparent part don't disappear on the top. Maybe you can make this completely black (accept for the corners to add the round corners)And add a transparent bar on top with the theme engine.

But Still one of the nicest ones. - Nov 01 2007
Linux XP - bootsplash

Bootsplash Various 25 comments

Score 43.3%
Sep 29 2007
I HATE MS but I love this :)

This is funny to fool others - Sep 29 2007

Amarok Themes 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 23 2008
really nice one, I like the transparency and the colors - Sep 27 2007
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

Score 74.6%
Jun 03 2012
Faenza Blue - Dark Panels

Full Icon Themes
by devi710

Score 78.3%
Aug 11 2011

Plasma Themes
by painkiller101

Score 64.2%
Oct 25 2009
Breathing Linux

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by sameersbn

Score 70.0%
Sep 23 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Lechio

Score 81.9%
Sep 23 2009

GTK3 Themes
by nale12

Score 76.4%
9   Dec 16 2012
FS Icons Ubuntu

Full Icon Themes
by franksouza183

Score 82.2%
9   May 01 2012
Faenza Blue - Dark Panels

Full Icon Themes
by devi710

Score 78.3%
9   Aug 11 2011
Score 56.0%
9   May 17 2011
Fanza Kaffeine

Icon Sub-Sets
by romulano75

Score 58.0%
9   Mar 25 2011
Ubuntu TatGirl

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by lolatroll

Score 55.3%
3   Nov 14 2010