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Wyatt Earp Portland, United States of America
Buuf For Many Desktops

Full Icon Themes by nestort 42 comments

No, it doesn't work. It'll be great if you could re-upload. - Jun 28 2012
RichStyle Font

Fonts by anasr 10 comments

It would be great if you release a tar archive. Great icons, though. - May 05 2012

Cursors by r-eddy-martin 13 comments

Really like this. Keep up the good work. - Apr 04 2012

Fluxbox Themes by dunemafia 6 comments

Sorry, forgot to mention, gtk theme is Die Hard 4. - Feb 08 2012

Fluxbox Themes by dunemafia 6 comments

Hi, thanks a lot. Fm is SpaceFM and distro is Arch Linux. - Feb 08 2012
Clear Look

Gnome Screenshots by homeboytux 1 comment

848 new mails??!! - Jan 25 2012

GTK2 Themes by lukanr64 2 comments

Are you running fluxbox? If yes, then what style is that? - Jan 01 2012

Plasma Themes by mcder 37 comments

Really like it a lot! - Aug 09 2011

Wallpaper Other by barci78 2 comments

Is this your own creation? - May 16 2011
NerUt Dark Equinox

GTK2 Themes by nerutwong 15 comments

A very good effort. - May 15 2011

Fonts by gluk 5 comments

Really a very good font. - May 08 2011

Full Icon Themes by Naf71 4 comments

Your icon foundry is always hot, isn't it? Another fantastic effort, from the master icon-maker. Truly appreciate your work. - Nov 26 2010

Full Icon Themes by Naf71 13 comments

Sorry, it seems I'm a bit late to the party. Anyhow, man, you just keep rolling out quality each time with your creations. Congratulations on another fantastic iconset. Keep up the great work. - Nov 26 2010
Just another Buuf Remix

Full Icon Themes by downward 4 comments

Thank you for sharing your modified iconset. These are very nice indeed. - Nov 23 2010
BlackWhite Icon Collection LinuxLex

Full Icon Themes by linuxlex 1 comment

This is a superb set of icons. Fine effort! - Nov 23 2010
The Ultimate Bashrc File

Various Gnome Stuff by inameiname 101 comments

Hi, thank you so much for this great script. I'm experiencing a problem though. When starting any new terminal, I get this error:

bash: /root/.bashrc: line 1190: syntax error near unexpected token `('
bash: /root/.bashrc: line 1190: ` ?(-)c*f)'

I looked at the script and it looks pretty innocuous. Has anyone had this crop up? - Nov 21 2010

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by halcion 3 comments

Really like it, dude. Very well done. - Sep 14 2010

Utilities by becrux 45 comments

Really? OS/2 support? Why? Or is it for eComStation? - Sep 11 2010
Hamsi Manager

System Software by mopened 16 comments

Hi, I really liked your program, thank you so much! - Sep 11 2010
KCM Qt Graphics System

System Software by apachelogger 34 comments

Tested it on Slack-current and on a custom LFS install with Qt 4.7 rc compiled with OpenGL as the default backend. It works the best, despite its experimental status, in fact brilliantly. Love it! Thanks, Harald. - Sep 11 2010

Plasma Window Decorations by Aristarh 2 comments

Really good Window decor! Like it! - Sep 07 2010

Full Icon Themes by linuxfever 117 comments

Uh, ok, I guess the problem was that I invoked unrar from the command-line, and it missed the "Refkletions_KDE4" while extracting (strange!), and all the files within were extracted to the current directory, hence messed up pathnames. Really sorry for the trouble. Great work! - Sep 03 2010
Movies Icons

Full Icon Themes by ProSK8JARED 3 comments

I hope you wouldn't mind accepting additions to this set, since there are a lot of movies, and procuring images that are not covered by restrictive licensing isn't easy. So if I were to contribute some new icons, would you have a problem with including them in the set? coz I really like the idea you've come up with. Cheers! - Sep 03 2010
Noir (Bespin Theme)

Be-Shell/Bespin by rahulthewall3000 12 comments

Great! - Sep 02 2010

QtCurve by Untergunter 1 comment

Great work, mate! - Sep 02 2010

Full Icon Themes by linuxfever 117 comments

Hi, I extracted the file, and on running the build_set script got this error

Checking for dependencies...
Checking for tar... found /bin/tar
Checking for convert... found /usr/bin/convert

Dependencies met - this script is using:
/bin/tar as tar path
/usr/bin/convert as convert path

Converting icons...
./build_set: line 108: cd: 128x128/actions: No such file or directory
convert: missing an image filename `../../8x8/actions/16x16' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2919.
convert: missing an image filename `../../16x16/actions/16x16' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2919.
convert: missing an image filename `../../22x22/actions/16x16' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2919.

Something wrong with pathnames? - Sep 02 2010

Full Icon Themes by C0D 52 comments

Fantastic iconset! Great work, mate! - Sep 02 2010
Movies Icons

Full Icon Themes by ProSK8JARED 3 comments

Really nice iconset. Where do you propose these be used? - Sep 02 2010
awesome Scene for grub

GRUB Themes by powerpunch 4 comments

You can't just use any image you found on the net for your theme. It most probably is copyrighted work, and since you are distributing it, you might be in violation of the copyright terms. Always seek permission from the owner of the copyrighted work, before using it in your own creations. Please don't be offended by the tone of my words, I meant this as an advice. - Aug 21 2010
AntistarZ (version1)

Fluxbox Themes by jummy 2 comments

Very nicely done. Thank you. - Jul 12 2010
All-Blacks by MrMars

Full Icon Themes by mrmars 14 comments

I think the problem with Opera was it was prefixing a UTF-8 wildcard to the filepath. Using wget or a text browser reveals that. BTW, great icon theme! Love it. - May 19 2010

Full Icon Themes by Naf71 7 comments

Quite fantastic. Great job. - Dec 19 2009

GTK3/4 Themes
by nale12

9   Mar 12 2014

GTK2 Themes
by IamJustUs

9   Jan 30 2014
Produkt GTK

GTK3/4 Themes
by Djo

9   Nov 16 2013
Moka Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes
by snwh

9   Oct 29 2013
9   Oct 29 2013

Fluxbox Themes
by lyrae

9   Oct 01 2013

Fluxbox Themes
by pllb

9   Oct 01 2013

Fluxbox Themes
by litrzlo

9   Oct 01 2013
asleep suite

GTK2 Themes
by Linuxville

9   Sep 08 2013

GTK2 Themes
by marcaemus

9   Sep 08 2013
9   Sep 02 2013

Graphic Apps
by zipoo

9   Aug 29 2013

System Software
by dwidmann

9   Aug 29 2013

Office Apps
by xm1net

9   Aug 29 2013

by Funcy-dcm

9   Aug 29 2013

Video Players
by wangbin

9   Aug 29 2013

Audio Apps
by gcala

9   Aug 29 2013

by unixnewb

9   Aug 29 2013
Cute Giraffe

Video Apps
by linuxoidoz

9   Aug 29 2013

Text Editors
by cloose

9   Aug 29 2013