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Eugine Mamin Azov, Russian Federation

Chat & Messenging by EuroElessar 16 comments

If you want add smileys. Just use it from kopete, for example - QIP`s animated smiles.

You need to create folder "emoticons" near you executable file of qutIM and place folder with smiles into it:

dzhon@localhost ~/Desktop/qutIM $ ls -R emoticons

aa.gif ac.gif ae.gif ag.gif ai.gif ak.gif am.gif ao.gif aq.gif as.gif au.gif aw.gif ay.gif ba.gif bc.gif be.gif bg.gif bi.gif bk.gif bm.gif bo.gif bq.gif bs.gif bu.gif bw.gif
ab.gif ad.gif af.gif ah.gif aj.gif al.gif an.gif ap.gif ar.gif at.gif av.gif ax.gif az.gif bb.gif bd.gif bf.gif bh.gif bj.gif bl.gif bn.gif bp.gif br.gif bt.gif bv.gif emoticons.xml

After this, you can choose emoticons theme ih settings.

Awesome software ! Good luck to authors !
- Jun 16 2008