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Jan 04 2015
Well, cmake ., make, sudo make install should do it.

If you run into problems because you have an old version of Findgettext.cmake, remove the PO_FILES parameter in po/*/CMakeLists.txt. - Apr 29 2014
Which three files? For the others.

I have not needed do that (Ubuntu distro). - Jan 09 2014

This is a know problem. See . Either use an older version of cmake, or download and install the version of FindGettext.cmake at .

Hopefully they will start distributing this new version of FindGettext.cmake very soon, because this problem is annoying.

In the hope it helps,
- Jan 08 2014
Thank you very much. I've adapted it to latest version 1.2.0. - Feb 28 2012
Will fix this for 1.1.1, thanks - Jan 09 2011
Slovenia has joined the European Monetary Union, so I have added a fixed rate for the (now dead) Slovenian tolar to KEuroCalc 1.0.0.

Same for the Maltese lira and the Cyprus pound.

Support for the Croatian Kuna, as well as the Russian rouble, Indonesian rupiah and Philipine peso have already been added in version 0.9.7. - Feb 27 2008
I looked in KDE SVN, it indeed seems that unsermake is being dropped for cmake. However that's for KDE 4, if I am not wrong

I am just dumbly following KDE's decisions by cutting and pasting admin files into keurocalc for each release.

It also seems to be known that usermake is a pain in the (compilation process) for Gentoo Users.

What you can do is revert the content of the admin/ directory to what it was for KEuroCalc 0.9.4. That version did not use unsermake. - Mar 31 2006
Perharps add /usr/kde/unsermake to your PATH environment variable?

Please note that I am not responsible for unsermake. If you think there is a bug in unsermake, please report it to - Mar 29 2006
OK, found it.

KRPMBuilder insists on running "make" with arguments :

make -j 2

This breaks the build. Running "make" with no argument solves the problem.

I suggest you run rpmbuild manually. - Mar 26 2006
KCalc does exactly the same way as KEuroCalc does in its It just declares the .ui files in the sources list and everything else is supposed to happen automatically...

Can you compile KCalc with krpmbuild ? - Mar 26 2006
Hi Raoul,

I don't know krpmbuilder.

.ui files are Qt Designer files. I don't know why krpmbuilder cannot handle them. Try looking in another package that uses .ui files, and which works with krpmbuilder, and see how the .ui files are declared in its - Mar 26 2006
I am sorry you have run into build problems.

I am sure that precompiled packages will be available very soon, that's usually much simpler to use...

Speaking about dependencies, there's a new dependancy against "unsermake" introduced by KDE 3.4. People who have not installed it yet will need it to build the package. - Mar 25 2006
Sorry everyone for the two entries for this program (keurocalc and KEuroCalc).

After I changed my internet provider, I have run into login problems here.

If someone could merge ebischoff, e.bischoff and e-bischoff accounts, it would be cool. He would also need to merge both keurocalc and KEuroCalc projects. - Jul 14 2005
keurocalc - Fedora Core 6 i386 rpm

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Nov 28 2006
Hi chitlesh

Duplicate entry with

? - Nov 28 2006
Hi chitlesh

Duplicate entry with

? - Nov 28 2006