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Andrea Mantoni , Italy
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Apr 03 2016
With synced lyrics you can jump to the audio offset of selected line with the "Jump" button. Highlighting the current line is not supported actually by the VLC lua API... - Jun 22 2018
the format seems correct, please make sure the lrc file is in the same dir of the audio file and has EXACTLY the same name. - Jun 21 2018
It seems you are using this time format:
[hh:mm:ss] Text
While you should use this:

Note the "." separator between second and hundredths of a seconds.
This is the simple format described here: - Apr 03 2016
try to stick with this format for the moment:
"[mm:ss.xx] text"

I've mostly tested the extension on Ubuntu, i still have to do debugging on other OSes/VLC versions, so please wait for updates... - Mar 23 2016