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Nov 07 2010
sorry to disappoint you mate, but i'm not a linux geek! haw! - Jan 14 2011
it's alright mate. - Mar 01 2010
1) keep panel size/height to 22 pixels. but you will still have issues with other panel elements/icons.

best is to replace the panel image (panel-bg.png) in /GTK Leopard/gtk-2.0/Panel folder itself with your own image. just retain the size 12x22 px.

2) its the russian localisation, as you say. i have set the theme font to mostly Lucida Grande size 9. you'll just have to find an equivalent font, in terms of font height and font width...

on 'advice', am currently working on theme improvements, although on and off (i'm not a coder...). -remove close buttons on nautilus sidebar,
-same color background for entire sidebar, including 'Places'.

the left/right arrow toolbar buttons are hard-coded by nautilus, so no fix yet. - Feb 24 2010
As PandaPanda said, you can edit the icons yourself. The only icons included in the pack are those in the toolbars. In fact, you can use any icon set you prefer. The 'apple' icon I edited from mac4lin... - Jun 19 2009
thanks for those brah. I'm just using mac4lin at the moment. still leave much to be desired though.... - Jun 17 2009
LOL! so you took the bait. I intentionally called you a girl to see your reaction (your profile is private). That's my whole point about stereotyping. you never really know what is on the other side based on scant information...You might be turn out to be Obama or a serial killer, I might be a pedophile-rapist or a nun who likes theming Ubuntu hehehe...

regarding available ubuntu themes on the web, like I said, I still haven't found anything to my liking, that's why I made my own.
Still a work in progress. GTK Leopard is my lab rat.

Anyway, Cheers mate, and happy hunting. - Jun 17 2009
Hey girl, I appreciate your comment, but then you are second-guessing my motivation for doing this. Anyway, it is typical of most people to stereotype others.

I don't like Ubuntu colors (brown, orange)
I don't like Tiger colors. (almost everything white or too light)
I don't like Vista/Win 7 colors (green, and glass!)
I don't like XP colors (too much contrast-blue and white)

I like Windows Classic colors, except sharp edges and 2- dimensional elements
I like Leopard colors, except the bulging buttons and scrollbars. If I have a mac, the first thing I would do is to try to skin it, but surely not to emulate Ubuntu or Windows looks!

- Jun 17 2009
yeah dude. Final version 1.0 supposedly released 14 June 2009... - Jun 16 2009
Icon theme is have to download from source.

bugs? some screenies please, and indicate what apps you are running.... - Jun 15 2009
thanks mate.

regarding the colors, am not inclined to change them at present, as the theme title implies. Something for the future maybe - basically an entirely different theme...

For now, the next thing to do is the statusbar.... - Jun 15 2009
xD! Not my icons mate, I just use them. - Jun 15 2009
Thanks mate. i do try. I actually found a solution to another issue just after uploading this update.
for next update...
- Jun 05 2009
Well mate, I have tried all the highest rated and most downloaded 'default' osx themes, and none pf them are really up to par (Lauri's maybe but he discontinued work on his theme... ). That' what motivated me to create my own.

I have no illusions as to originality, the aim being to achieve the nearest possible look of the original. You can probably imagine the challenge of circumventing the limitations of one OS in order to reproduce the look of another OS, particularly the element metrics. This is my way of exploring the capabilities of Linux/gnome/gtk/ubuntu theming, specially with pixmaps. I really don't like the 'actual' Leopard look (bulging buttons etc etc...), just the color tones and combinations, and the overall design concept/layout.

It is actually easier to create an 'original' theme, basically just selecting an engine and changing the colors (look at all the rekeases, almost one 'new' theme every minute).

Also it is obvious that you did not even download the theme, just looked at the screenshots and did your rating. There are no 'Folders' in this release. I am using Mac4Lin icon theme which I recommend others to download from source. Cheers, mate. - Jun 05 2009
Currently, as it stands...

black parch in top left is vertical handle, which i use as window side panel border (1 pixel). I have no answer for this yet.

The rest i think can be fixed side tabs etc).
Progress bars, will try to play around with the thickness... - May 11 2009
come on mate, you're making something out of nothing.

the comment was blunt and straight to the point, which i appreciate actually. my response was the same (I'm not much into social networking like facebook or friendster...) I also didn't intend to sound condescending, but my points are valid. There are lots of trolls out there (and/or self-appointed critics), in all kinds of forums/fora. As a blogger, surely you know what I mean.

Regarding criticisms, hey, that's the only way one can improve one's output. You do have to consider where they are coming from. I may not always say 'thank you this, your welcome that', but if I considered and/or implemented a certain suggestion, well...

Good day mate..and cheers! - May 11 2009
In addition:

Folder icons I edited -replaced them in /home/<username>/.icons/Mac4Lin_Icons_v1.0_RC/scalable/places

Same thing with the "apple" image in the above location (replaced all the "footprint" images) - May 11 2009
OK mate. thanks. - May 11 2009
Global Menu, you have to install.

Check out this tutorial mate (if you still havent yet). It is a step by step guide for mac4lin...2008, but ,you can adapt to latest releases.

Regarding color issues, probably your system settings/video card maybe? or drivers? Try other themes and see... - May 11 2009
ok, took a look at menu padding, reduced the spacing. I does look better. will include in next update together with panel and tab fixes... - May 11 2009
Sorry to disappoint you mate. I never pretended to be a pro, or my output to be one. I am new to Linux and I still don't know my way around, Although I do know its limitations in terms of GUI, so you really can not have a 'perfect' emulation.

Regarding the panel, i somehow missed some lines in gtkrc or panel.rc. Fixed now, so users can just set gnome panel background to inherit system image.

Regarding tabs, also fixed the image - increased space between text and side borders, and removed tab overlapping.

Both fixes in next update (few days, still trying to refine some issues)

Popup menu? not a big issue, I may or may not change it..

How about you, you have been here since February, yet have no output yet. Or are you just one of these trolls mucking around the net, doing nothing except troll?

By the why don't you edit this theme and release your version? unless you're already on a mac... - May 11 2009
Hmm, works for me. I am running Global Menu + Main Menu...

Using panel applets with expansion handles (e.g. notification area applet), you'll see a vertical black bar. You can make it transparent by editing the image in Handles folder. Still haven;t found a way around this...

- May 05 2009
You can always edit the theme to your preference mate. As for the theme itself, I'd prefer not to...

Just remove any font settings in panel.rc and gtkrc using text editor. Search for: Lucida

Cheers. - May 05 2009
why not just use a solid panel background and play with the colors and opacity/transparency?

you can also edit panel-bg.png located in Panel folder, or play around with panel opacity using Compiz > General Settings (how? google it mate xD)

btw, just updated the release...
- May 05 2009
I am running Global Menu with Main Meni enabled....

The black bar in panel is due to vertical handle. You can make that transparent by editing vert-handle.png located in //Handles folder.
- May 04 2009
Thanks mate.
- May 04 2009
right click on top left corner of panel to bring out menu, then Properties > background tab > background image... Go to or select //GTK Leopard/gtk-2.0/Panel/panel-bg.png - May 04 2009
LOL!!! thanks mate. coming from you, it sure is a compliment.
Yes I have seen Leopard in action, Yes I know GTK limitations. For me, the thrill is trying to emulate another GUI, in this case Leopard. Not 100% emulation of course, because Leopard has also lots of ugly parts, going against principles and concepts of design etc.

I am new to Linux, so I don't really know my way around. Being an expert with Linux GUIs, maybe you can point to me, or suggest an engine that passes your standards so I may take a look at it.

tg - May 04 2009
Mac OSX Aqua cursors

Cursors 5 comments

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Dec 29 2009
gracias, 'mano. ¡feliz año nuevo! - Dec 31 2009

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Dec 25 2009
Sorry for not being clear enough. that wallpaper is included in the package when you install ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala (fresh install, not upgrade). it is NOT included in Misty theme pack.

as i gave you the filename/leads previously, one of the first thing you could have done is search google. a very good practice is to ALWAYS search first...

2nd item- [ubuntu] Jaunty Wallpapers - Ubuntu Forums, check out post #6... - Dec 26 2009
wall is included in karmic install, filename is MistyMorning.jpg located at /usr/share/backgrounds... - Dec 25 2009
Oxygen Blend

GTK2 Themes 19 comments

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Dec 08 2009
ooops! re: previous comment above, that image is for the bookmarks toolbar. i am using CompactMenu add-on (hidden Menu bar), so that that script removes irritating glitch on my bookmarks bar. you can try though and tell me... - Dec 09 2009
When using default firefox theme...

-install add-on Stylish
-write new style...
-copy/paste this:

#PersonalToolbar {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
background: #dddddd
top repeat-x !important;

- Dec 09 2009
Melted Plastic

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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Sep 15 2009
ah, ok. he is using default menu and global menu at the same time??? LOL!

- Nov 01 2009
set panel properties >panel height to 22 px - Nov 01 2009
set panel properties >panel height to 22 px - Nov 01 2009
set panel properties> background to use system theme? - Sep 30 2009
screenshot... - Sep 30 2009
right click top left of panel, then Properties... set size to 22 pixels. - Sep 30 2009
Actually, the bottom panel'dock is Cairo Dock (v2), although i also use AWN once in a while, specially during graphics work. I also have Gnome-Do Docky, but only use it under KDE.

the yop panel, I use Global Menu, to move menubars of most applications to the top panel. - Sep 15 2009
thanks mate. cheers! - Sep 14 2009
Plastic Blend

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Sep 11 2009
??? you could be more specific...
- Sep 12 2009
site takes time to update. just follow link in comment above... - Sep 11 2009

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Jun 19 2009
thumbs up to you too mate. very nice ports of mr stephen's themes, particularly Plexis... - Jun 19 2009
thanks brah. a few days for the emerald (somehow my system is not comfortable with it...) - Jun 15 2009
get back your system fonts:
comment out (place # before each line) all font references in gtkrc and panel.rc etc. Using text editor, type Lucida in search box...

metacity buttons:
Do anything with it dude. You can even release your own mod... - Jun 13 2009
Can you include more widgets in your theme? At moment I need the indicator-applet and user-switch-applet.

also trying to resolve this panel applet background issue...

A version without this mac-buttons (because it's not complete) and the panel-size in 22px would be nice, too.

am not sure what you mean by 'not complete;. If you are referring to the toolbar buttons (back foeward up refresh etc), just comment out the line in the theme's gtkrc file. just place # before the line include "icons/iconrc"

About panel size, IT IS supposed to be 22px as per my settings for panel icons. The problem lies somewhere in your settings - it's your applet icons which are 24px that forces the panel to expand. I am using Global Menu with panel height set to 22px... - Jun 13 2009