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Network by sly154 7 comments

Why not patching it directly in the Kernel? Its simply a tool based on iptables. A lot of other tools use iptables, so you can not simply change the whole thing. ufw is open source and you can use it in any other debian based distro or port it to any other distro.

Furthermore ufw provides a per package configuration. For example per default all ports are closed, if you install ssh server the package has an own ufw configuration which says the packge needs port 22 to be able to work and opens it. You can still go and change this configuration.

Of course someone who is able to use ufw is also able to use good old iptables, but ufw is simply much more intuitive to use.
Just give it a try.

OpenSSH is also developed by the openBSD team. Does using it under linux make linux less linux and more OpenBSD? - Mar 10 2009

Network by sly154 7 comments

ufw is not a real firewall. it is a tool to control iptables.
And it defintley is a very useful tool. It makes iptables very simple to use. Its syntax is similar to OpenBSD’s PF syntax...
For example

ufw deny proto tcp to any port 80

will deny all traffic to tcp port 80. Its cool isn't it?

You can have a look here:
or there:
- Mar 08 2009

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