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laszlo urszuly Lund, Sweden

Wallpaper Other by lundner 5 comments

Do you see the woman on the second picture??? - May 16 2008
GNOME Wallpaper Contest

Wallpapers Gnome by cimi86 6 comments

I'm sorry but your explanation doesn't convince me - May 09 2008

Wallpaper Other by MinigunFiend 3 comments

Yes, I know, my profile says I don't like stupidity, still, I don't get it!?! What does the numbers meen (when decoded?!?)

Which political standpoint will I take downloading this wp and (proudly) using it.

It looks really cool though, but I simply don't get the message... - May 09 2008
Tatabanya city (1600x1071)

Wallpaper Other by sirenr 4 comments

[some hungarian text the comunity refuses to accept]
(Would translate to: "God bless the Hungarian dude") - May 09 2008