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NowPlaying (improved)

Conky by brucelee 50 comments

Thanks for the fix brucelee. The play/ pause works as expected now.

I'm still having some anomalies that happen sporadically. I'm having trouble putting my finger on a couple of 'em. So, the problem may be with my setup as opposed to the Now Playing screenlet.

Using Ubuntu 10.10, Banshee, Reflective-black theme. When I click the next button sometimes the next song's info won't display in the Now Playing screenlet (No song title, no artist name, no album name, and no cover art). In order to get it to show song info again, I click on a different song in Banshee (from playlist). Also does this using other themes.

In the Default theme, I have 3 of them in my themes list (default, default-old, and default listed again further down the list). This is as I'm right-clicking the screenlet, then click Themes in the drop-down menu as opposed to clicking Properties then the Themes tab. So, I may have obsolete themes from previous installs.

I clicked the 'default' from the Themes tab and the mouse-over buttons work, kinda. I can pause it, but it isn't always responsive thereafter (prev, play/ pause, next). Clicking any of the buttons is hit & miss. Sometimes I have to double-click to get some kind of reaction.

I'm getting some album covers that are showing incorrectly for some reason. Example, Don Henley's 'Boys of Summer' song shows the album cover for 'Legends of Rock - Steppenwolf'. The album cover is correct in Banshee, though. I've seen where the Steppenwolf cover has shown on several other songs as well. I'm still trying to figure out why. Another example is Van Halen's 'Humans Being' song. The album cover shows as a tribute album to Van Halen (wrong album). It shows correctly in Banshee.

Is there a way to have the album covers be consistent with the music player (Banshee)? For instance, I play several different Rob Zombie songs from their respective albums. The albums are correct in Banshee, but in the Now Playing screenlet the album cover is from a greatest hits album (Not necessarily wrong). Another example, is an album cover will show in Banshee, but a soundtrack cover will show in Now Playing. Not a biggy, but I'd prefer the original album cover as opposed to a greatest hits album or movie soundtrack.

If it matters, I have most of my music on a networked Windows computer (SAMBA mounted drive linked to a local folder). I also have a local music folder with a few songs in it. Both folders make up my music library in Banshee. - Feb 22 2011
NowPlaying (improved)

Conky by brucelee 50 comments

First, I use your Now Playing screenlet all the time. Very handy. Thanks a bunch for makin' it. :-)

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 OS & Banshee music player.

I typically use the Reflective-Black theme in the Now Playing screenlet. Big improvement since v0.3.3. Had trouble with some covers showing (ie. AC/DC). v0.3.4+ is much better.

What I've noticed so far just upgrading to v0.3.4.1. Using Reflective-Black theme, I click to pause and the pause button shows as paused. Then I click again to play, play button shows. I click to pause again, music stops, but button stays showing as playing. It stays as the play button no matter how many times I toggle pause/ play. The music stops/ starts correctly, but the button stays as playing.

No biggy, it works, but can be misleading if I have the volume turned down, muted, or my stereo is switched on a different setting (ie. Tuner, Aux). I use an FM transmitter for my music on the Tuner and Aux for Television, DVD, etc...

On the Default theme, the mouse-over controls don't work. They show, but clicking on them doesn't do anything. I have to right-click the screenlet then chose previous, next, pause, etc... - Feb 16 2011
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