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eileen lu , Philippines

Wallpaper Other by assalane 4 comments

it's ok, but not an SVG- you should move it to the right section - Jul 10 2008
World Map Background 5040x3150px

Wallpaper Other by servechilled 7 comments

very nice, like the stylization, except my country isn't on it :P seriously though, this is great work! - Jul 03 2008
RevRedux 2

Cursors by TimeRever 13 comments

Really love this theme, it's very unique and detailed, but isn't too heavy. I like the 'transforming' feel. Great job on this one. - Jan 21 2008
SeaMonkey alternate logo/icon

Various Gnome Stuff by openartist 1 comment

very nice. I like the one with the porthole. - Jan 13 2008
Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

I really love this theme; so glad it's getting some loving and updating. - Jan 11 2008
9 3 Aero

Cursors by jmariani 5 comments

+1 to its good looks but hugeness... would you consider uploading a "mini" version? The the doesn't seem to be resizeable from X - Jan 09 2008
Terminal Here

Nautilus Scripts by 00061205 13 comments

very convenient; I love it! - Jan 09 2008
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

Usplash Themes by Embrace 198 comments

this is one wicked cool splash... great job! Although I'll probably wait for bugfixes before installing... heh... - Dec 22 2007

Full Icon Themes by reassuringlyoffensive 31 comments

exit dialog runs fine and uses default (human) icons; it uses 'logout' icon in the gnome panel (as opposed to the shutdown icon)

also, on a semi-related note, in ubuntu, Open office (quickstarter, files) uses the default (human) icons. Menu uses the correct GNUtoon icons though. - Dec 16 2007