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Casey Hendley
You're not gonna find many fonts better than the Liberation family, though. Cleanest fonts I've ever seen. Absolutely perfect. - Feb 29 2008
working as root

Wallpaper Other by tingui 5 comments

And either he fixed the spelling of "careful" or he had it right all along. ;) - Dec 12 2007
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

Molodec, tovarishch! Good work, comrade! I would write more in Russian since I lived in Moscow for awhile, but it has to be in English, so... ;) - Mar 19 2007
GDM Playboy Team

GDM Themes by bierzolinux 4 comments

I bought this issue of German Playboy while in Deutschland during the World Cup!

Thanks for a great GDM with gorgeous girls that brings back great memories for me! :) - Mar 19 2007

GDM Themes by Iceman00 11 comments

Nice looking girl, Iceman, but are you the photographer? - Mar 19 2007

GDM Themes by muldr 32 comments

I second the splash screen request. This definitely gives it the "futuristic ZOMG computar" feel without being non-functional or over the top. I use Ubuntu 6.10, but don't exclude anyone else. - Jan 27 2007

Wallpaper Other by kijun 8 comments

This is excellent. I've found what will probably end up being a semi-permanent wallpaper for my iBook. Great work! - Nov 14 2006