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Sep 18 2015
Unfortunately I have no possibility to test it. Does anyone even acknowledges the existence of this problem? I suppose it's a problem of the application. - Sep 30 2015
After testing, I must say that unfortunately it is a problem of the application. Reference point for me was the "native" skin called "Default".

Thank you for your comment. - Sep 16 2015
Thank you for your comment!
Unfortunately, the engine does not support managing of these elements. - Sep 09 2015
It is not possible to program skin to permanently solve this problem. If the size of the panels were static ... it would be a way, but in this case we have to leave it for the VLC developers. - Sep 04 2015
It's good to hear that, thanks. - Sep 04 2015
I checked it myself, and apparently that problems are not due to the wrong Ubuntu settings. VLC does not include additional panels when calculates the size of usable space - hence the problem. - Sep 04 2015
Not having installed Ubuntu I have to rely only on the information of users, so I have to ask. Are you able to cite the name of the skin where it works properly? I will compare on the technical side and see what the problem is. - Sep 03 2015
Fixed. Now it work properly. - Sep 03 2015
Thank you very much for your opinion! - Sep 03 2015
Thank you for very motivating opinion, therefore, I wish you a pleasant usage! - Sep 03 2015