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Vivia - The Video Editor

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by ellis
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Dec 18 2006
That's right -- sorry I forgot to mention that! :) - Dec 09 2006
Thanks for the report! I'll try to fix it, but I don't know when I'll have the opportunity to install an AMD64 distribution myself for testing... - Dec 01 2006
The sources are definitely in there -- in fact, there is no executable. Did you maybe download the ZIP from sourceforge instead of the .tar.bz2? - Dec 01 2006
Yes, as an avid KDE user, I intend to port Vivia to KDE4 once things are far enough along.

Thanks for the tip about the Kino scripts. I'll take a look at them. - Oct 31 2006
kdenlive has been around for almost 5 years, and they haven't made enough progress for me to be interested in working with them as a team. Same goes for kino, though kino has made some really nice progress recently. Pitivi and Diva both look nice, but they are based on GStreamer, which is a bad choice for a video editor imho -- not to mention I have no inclination to work with GTK, C#, or Python any more than I have to. Jahshaka and Cinellera target a professional audience, whereas I'm interested in casual desktop users. The various VJ programs are also for a different audience. There are a few other lesser-known projects too, but none that appeal to me.

Vivia will probably noticably outperform Pitivi due to language and library decisions, and kdenlive's UI concepts aren't very good. Given what already exists, I believe that Vivia has the most potential for the next couple years. - Oct 30 2006
Support for other formats has a very high priority. It'll likely come with v0.2 or v0.3 early next year. - Oct 29 2006