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Jul 10 2019
Probably a temporary problem with; it works now! - Aug 11 2014
Yes indeed, that's a very known bug. My problem is that I can't enable both "cancel" and the "ok" button.

Right now, if you click on the "ok" button without having selected any subtitles (by clicking on them on the list), zenity give back an error code! If you click on "cancel", zenity give back the very same error code... If you close the window with the "X" button (I'm not sure how to call this in english), the same error code is returned again. There is no way to distinguish these actions, this is very frustrating.

So if I enable the "cancel" button, the "ok" button will also be some kind of cancel button, except if you select a subtitles on the list with a single or a double click.

Some people have the habit to just click "ok" and expect opensubtitles-download to download the first subtitles on the list, I think this is the best option. What do you think ? - May 13 2012 was in maintenance yeasterday, it's working again today. - Nov 16 2011
This is because api is currently down (servers are overloaded), and the admin is currently away.
This will hopefully be solved soon.

Follow progress here : - Jul 29 2010
You can change edit the "Language selection" section at the begining of the script.
Replace the 3 letters code 'eng' by the language code you want (you can find langage code on this page :

My advice is to create one script for each langage you want, and add a suffix to the file (ex: ***, ***, ...)

I will add soon the possibility to search subtitles in more than one langage at a time. - Jul 06 2010
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9   Jan 19 2011