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Sep 27 2014
Could you please provide some more details such as how to reproduce your problem and which warnings/error messages you get?
Maybe we can solve your problem then.

With best regards and thanks!
- Sep 28 2014 had some data base sync problems on Sunday afternoon. According to the SF team, this issue should be fixed since Sunday evening - hope you are not experiencing these issues any more.

With best regards, sorry for the inconvenience,

Martin - Aug 07 2012

Which version of KRadio are you using? Where is it installed? Did you have an old installation, perhaps with some other prefix? Where are the plugin libraries located that are used (particularly the lirc plugin)? What plugin libs are displayed in the dialog? Currently, it sounds a bit like having old incompatible libraries flying around.

BR, Martin - Jun 11 2009
Just FYI, could track the same problem down in another case. In that case, the installation prefix has been a different prefix than the KDE installation directory. In such a case, you have to set the environment variable KDEDIRS to $KDEDIR *and* the kradio installation prefix separated by a colon. (please note the plural-"s" in KDEDIRS). In rc2, kradio recognizes such a situation and notifies the user with an error message.

One more issue could be that your $KDEDIR variable is not set but you are using it in the cmake command. Thus please check this, too.

Hope that helps. If not, please let me know.

Best regards,

Martin - Apr 17 2009
hmmm.... basically only on 64bit sid... currently with recent kde 4.3 svn tree. Best regards, Martin - Apr 13 2009
hmm... not sure why the math header is missing in that file and why it works without on many other systems... I'll add it in future releases. In the mean time, please add

#include <math.h>

in decoder_thread.cpp.

Hope that helps.

Best regards!
Martin - Mar 30 2009

seems that the naming of the ffmpeg include directories changed during the latest ffmpeg updates. In debian/sid and opensuse/11.1 the include headers are located under /usr/include/libavformat/avformat.h . I do not exactly know with which version of ffmpeg this changed. The simplest solution could be a link called libavformat to ffmpeg.

I'll try add some kind of auto-detection in kradio.

BR, Martin - Mar 30 2009
> 1. CMake borks because of (what I am told)
> debian/changelog with "unstable" entry. KDE4.2 is
> still experimental. I commented out the offending
> test to run the cmake. Why should anyone care?

Are you trying to build a debian package? What do you mean by experimental? The apt-repo? To my knowledge, KDE4.2.1 is currently becoming part of debian/sid.

Please do not yet use the debian subdirectory of kradio, packaging for debian is not yet ported. Please do a plain cmake/make compile. For this, debian/changelog should not have any influence.

Manual cmake/make compilation on a debian/sid machine with kde from svn/trunk works well.

> 2. libffmpeg needed for internet radio. Not in the
> distro's packages. Where to get it?

The libs are called libavformat-dev, libavcodec-dev, etc. in debian/sid. Or get the source code from and compile yourself.

> 3. Does not find mp3/lame libraries.

Please have a look at . There you can download the sources and compile it.

BR, Martin - Mar 18 2009
Just a short comment on the ogg/vorbis headers:

> -- Looking for vorbis/vorbisenc.h
> -- Looking for vorbis/vorbisenc.h - not found
> -- Looking for ogg/ogg.h
> -- Looking for ogg/ogg.h - found

Thus: ogg stuff is found. But the vorbis..-dev package is not installed on your system.

I'm a bit irritated that you say that KRadio comes up with not a single window/dialog. Is some kradio4rc config file created? Could you please send it to me?

BR, Martin - Mar 15 2009

> For me the plugin and share dirs were installed in
> /usr/local and not into my kde4 directory
> (/usr/local/kde4). Could be my setup ??

Hmm... ok. Sounds like your $KDEDIRS variable is not pointing to the right locations. $KDEDIR is usually pointing to the primary KDE installation directory, However, you can set $KDEDIRS (plural!) to point to $KDEDIR _AND_ additional installation directories. Otherwise KDE will not be able to find not only libraries but also icons, etc. My recommendation for your setup is therefore:

export KDEDIR=/usr/local/kde4
export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIR:/usr/local

Hope that helps.

BR, Martin - Mar 15 2009
Could you please give some more hints where your libsndfile-files (sndfile.h, are located? What are the previous cmake messages? What is the libsndfile version you are using?

BR, Martin - Mar 10 2009
Hmm... still no idea what happens. Checked it with your decoration style - everything works well (I have to confess that I'm using KDE 4.3/svn) and crosschecked qt documentation on QWidget geometry ( The section on "X11 Peculiarities" seems to cover your problem, however, KRadio is exactly behaving as described in the recommended way of restoring widget positions/sizes. Could you perhaps cross-check with other Window Managers/Decorations?

BR, Martin - Mar 07 2009
Could you give snapshot-2009-03-07-r723 a try, please?

BR, Martin - Mar 06 2009
Hmm... might it be that KRadio cannot find the plugins in $KDEDIR/lib/kradio/plugins ?
At least a potential problem might have been present if kradio starts the first time and cannot find plugins.

Could you please check if this is the case? A fix for that will be in the next SVN commits.

BR, Martin - Mar 06 2009
Btw.: KRadio has now a DBus plugin. (r701)

BR, Martin - Mar 04 2009

> Only if you could remove the "raw::" when you
> display the recorder command from the remote.

This "raw::" prefix is essential and will always remain since for a consistent separation of lirc-modes, it is important that KRadio does not react if lirc is in a "non-radio" mode - at least if the user requires this behavior. We can only support that by distinguishing "raw::.." and normal commands.

> I have found also one bug. When you have
> selected some item form the "Show/Hide
> plugins" all windows shift down every time you
> click on the KRadio icon in the SysTray. It looks
> like it shifts down of the size of the top part of the
> window decoration.

Which Window-Manager are you using? Some special options enabled? I remember such behavior from some kind of broken managers.

BR, Martin - Mar 04 2009

> If I define "Quit KRadio = Back/Exit" and press the
> button on my remote, it still gives the following
> debug message:

> 2009-03-02T12:44:38 LIRC: decoding raw,
> lirc_code2char gave no answer
> 2009-03-02T12:44:38 LIRC: raw::Back/Exit

There are two options:

First thing should have already been possible for the beta: just use the string "raw::Back/Exit" as entry in the respective line of the LIRC config page. For that, just open the config page, enter the editing mode and press the corresponding button (while being in the right lirc mode, depends on your .lircrc). You will get the right lirc command string automatically assigned. However, I'd not recommend to use the lirc commands prefixed with "raw::" since this indicates either an improper .lircrc file or some "out-of-sync" condition between the states/modes of the liblirc_client instance of kradio and e.g. the irexec states/modes.

The second method is new in the recent snapshot, this avoids the in some cases unnecessary/unwanted use of raw commands. You can select the intended lirc mode (one of those you specified in your .lircrc file) which should be set on KRadio startup - separated if it is in power on or power off mode on startup. This would be suitable if you use some "radio" mode in your .lircrc and start KRadio from irexec. It basically should enable the sync of the modes/states with other liblirc_client instances (as described on the FAQ web page). If you got the keys in sync, you can leave out the "raw::" prefix of the lirc command string.

Thus please select the strategy fitting your needs best. The important thing is that you keep your kradio lirc config consistent with the high level semantics of your .lircrc file (which almost no program will ever be able to guess - but kradio offers the methods to prepare a proper config).

Best regards, Martin
- Mar 02 2009
... seems to work... the lirc startup mode options are now in SVN.

BR, Martin - Mar 01 2009

yea, of course, please consider the meaning of that ancient note in the TODO list as implicitly updated. Anyway, I'd appreciate and I'd like to encourage contributions e.g. by implementing this dbus interface. Could be a simple plugin. Like e.g. shortcuts, lirc. I'm currently a bit busy with adding support of internet radio and fixing some problems in the kradio-internal sound system.

Best regards, Martin - Mar 01 2009

if you start kradio in this way from irexec, you will endup in inconsistent states of the liblirc_client instances: irexec will be in radio mode while kradio will be in default mode. This is the reason why kradio does only see raw data. You have two choice: Just enter the raw key in kradio's lirc config. Or wait for the next beta. I'll try to convince the liblirc_client to change the mode on startup.

Best regards,
Martin - Mar 01 2009

The quality measures refer directly to the standard of variable bit rate (VBR) encoding established by the mp3 and ogg/vorbis. Unfortunately, the semantics of the quality number of mp3 and ogg are inverse. In order not to confuse those used to the command line tools like lame and oggenc, I kept the original semantics given by the file format.

Btw., q=7 for VBR mp3 encoding with lame still gives a quality which I guess should be perfect for radio (and results in a quite moderate CPU usage). But of course you are free to change the settings to your needs:)

Best regards!

Martin - Mar 01 2009

Just for me to reproduce the problem (since it runs here fine;-)

* What are the steps to reproduce the bug?
* What is the setup when running kradio? e.g. (non) existing config files, (non)existing devices, etc...
* Which versions of Qt and KDE are you using?
* Which distribution?
* Which options did you compile kradio with?

Perhaps you could additionally send me your kradio4rc and preset file. Maybe I'm able to reproduce the bug with the help of that.

Martin - Mar 01 2009

just one more comment on the issue. Please have a look at the KRadio FAQ updated on this topic a few minutes ago:

I hope, it gives you some more directions how to set up your KRadio.

BR, Martin - Feb 22 2009
Did you try to load the kernel module saa6588 ?
According to the V4L documentation this is not done automatically but enables RDS support for many RDS supported cards...but no guarantee, can not test it (see below).

Btw., did you check that your card has RDS support? Does your V4L(2) driver support RDS? If it does and KRadio does not display radio text or a station name, please send me a dump e.g.

dd if =/dev/radio0 of=/tmp/rdsdump.bin bs=3 count=3000

That should result in a bit more than one minute of RDS binary data. If reading /dev/radio0 (please replace that by your radio card device file) fails, your card and/or driver does not support RDS.

... at least this is what I got from the v4l RDS documentation. Unfortunately I don't have a card supporting RDS. For testing I wrote some hand coded binary emulation input so far. Thus I'd either need a real RDS binary dump or a sponsored RDS enabled card.

BR, Martin - Feb 21 2009
FYI: Should be fixed in recent svn revision 652. Please don't for get to configure the LIRC plugin in kradio properly!

BR, Martin - Feb 21 2009
hmm... strange... can't reply more than this level... therefore replying on my own message...

Sodele... just a short note on the LIRC issue: Finally I could reproduce that. The reason is that in the kradio mode of the lircrc, an entry like

prog = kradio
config = eventmap
repeat = 1

is missing compared to my setup. Although KRadio is "supposed" to work without that entry, this could serve as a workaround at least until the issue is fixed.

Thanks for your feedback and debugging!

BR, Martin
- Feb 21 2009

Did you set up correctly the Alsa Plugin and the V4L Mixer settings? At least the error message about using the wrong card seems to indicate that. Otherwise, could you please report your alsa/mixer settings in kradio and report the version you are using?

BR, Martin - Feb 21 2009
Some more questions on the zapping-look:
* what are your lirc repeat settings for the ch+/- keys?
* is the GUI of kradio still responding? Can you switch of the radio or look into the error log? There should be log messages for each licq command in the debug view. Could you send me that debug output, please?

BR, Martin - Feb 20 2009
Hmm... although I could not reproduce it, I found a place which could cause this behaviour with some high probability. Seems to depend on Qt Version (I'm currently using 4.5rc1 from kde-svn). Will be fixed in next snapshot.

Thanks for your feedback!

Martin - Feb 20 2009

Some questions:
* how is "the global program" controlling your volume? Does it react on LIRC commands? If yes, you could either adapt your .lircrc file so that the volume commands are not sent to kradio or tell kradio to ignore the respective lirc-commands (see lirc config page)

* What do you mean by "seeking through channels ... and it never stops"? Is it a zapping through all known channels? Or is it the channel search over the frequency range? If its the latter one, does it stop at the end of the frequency range?

BR, Martin - Feb 20 2009
arg...sorry.. yea... I just changed my packaging scripts and added that bug yesterday... will become better next time :)

Martin - Feb 20 2009

As noted in the prev. note, the latest snapshot r630 should fix most issues and be usable for productive use now. The only thing that worries me a bit is the warning of the QPainter... haven't seen that yet... is it still in r630?

Best regards, Martin - Feb 20 2009

Just a quick guess: From your dump I saw that you are still using the old snapshot (r562). There have been *lots* of known problems inside r562, that snapshot was just send out to show that work on kradio is continuing. The most recent snapshot from yesterday (r630 thus almost 70 svn commits of improvement!) should fix most issues.Hopefully ;-) Please give it a try!

Best regards, Martin - Feb 20 2009

Just a short notice: Finally hotkeys are supported by KRadio! Sorry for the long delay. Hope the new version works fine for you!

Best regards, Martin - Feb 19 2009

I hope, the PVR setup is now documented much better within KRadio (look at the V4L and Streaming Plugin config pages), on the KRadio Website (FAQ) and a dedicated README.PVR in the source archive.

Unfortunately, I don't have a PVR card, thus I could only extrapolate from some users reports and use /dev/urandom instead of a real /dev/video24 (or similar). Hope it works,otherwise please let me know more details or let's think about ways how I could get a PVR card ;-)

Here is the content of the README.PVR file:

1) Configure the Streaming Plugin:
- add your device to the capture URLs (/dev/video24, /dev/video32 and /dev/urandomshould already be there)
- configure the right sound sample format/rate/... for your radio card
2) Configure the V4L2 Plugin:
- Select your favourite PCM Sound Card as playback device
- Select your favourite PCM Mixer Channel as playback channel
- Select the Streaming Plugin as Capture Device
- Select the radio/video device (e.g. /dev/video24) as capture mixer channel
- enable the active playback checkbox. KRadio will now record from the capture channel internally (not to a file) and send the data to the playback PC channel.
3) Done. Your kradio should be now usable for PVR cards. If not, please provide me details on your setup or perhaps even a card to test it.

With best regards,

Martin - Feb 19 2009
No, no noise. You are right. There were wrong include-hint entries in the .ui files (aside from a typo in which prevented the correct installation of plugins).

snapshot 2005_12_04 should fix these issues.

Best regards, Martin - Dec 04 2005
That's really strange. What ALSA version are you using? - Aug 28 2005

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Feb 22 2009

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