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Shane Hall Twin Falls, United States of America

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by endorpheus 3 comments

I appreciate the feedback. When you say the background could be better, what do you mean? I was shooting for a garage floor look, like someones eye popped out while working with power tools or something like that. I'm open to suggestions.

thx again - Jun 24 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by scourge 44 comments

yep, i posted that before reading.
great artwork nonetheless. thanks for keeping me honest. - Jun 22 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by scourge 44 comments

Your artwork is amazing. I truly respect your talent. Great Icons. :) - Jun 17 2007

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by endorpheus 3 comments

Wowzers. Lot's of negative votes.
What is wrong with it? Too dark? Off center? I'd like to post more of these, and it would help if I knew what to avoid and what to shoot for, without being too cliche and in line with all the top rated stuff. Thanks for any constructive critique. - Jun 17 2007

Card by floty 9 comments

Hey Great Work!
I was mesmerized for an hour or so before I realized I had a TH addiction! lol!

I like the option to change the card backs. What would make it pretty cool is to be able to use the default card back as a background for transparent images (overlay the image onto the default card like a composite). Just a thought :)
Great job either way. - Jun 09 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

If there is no science in the bible, and there is no bible in science, what is scientology again? ;-) In all seriousness though, for some semblence of organized cataloguing, you should consider filing the bible stuff where it belongs, which is Education or perhaps OTHER. I highly doubt anyone is looking in the bible for geneaological research or the specs on rebuilding Noah's Ark.
My gut tells me this is a great tool for those studying how to become a better person, how to treat one another, or maybe not... At any rate the bible is filled with life, death, honesty, dishonesty, morals, values, and a little sodomy here and there in black and white and in several languages. It's a study guide for life. Hardly akin to autoCAD, Engineering, or applied physics. BTW, I am a Christian. Merry Christmas. And to the rest of you, happy whatever it is you celebrate this time of year. - Dec 23 2005