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Adrian Drożdż FESTUNG BRESLAU (Wroclaw), Poland
nothing to say... well done screenlet !!! - Jul 21 2008
Screenlets Vintage Clock

Conky by thanius 6 comments

it seems not to work - I don't see python scripts -and it doesn't launch - Jul 21 2008

GTK2 Themes by pete333 29 comments

it is well done theme... + opacity in compiz config = marvelous look :) - Jul 21 2008
Power Of Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by angin 1 comment

it is very nice wallpaper ! - Dec 30 2007

Full Icon Themes by mentalrey 183 comments

looks impressive - I will install them on gnome :) - Oct 30 2007
Only Blue

Wallpaper Other by VemeC 3 comments

link doesn't work - Oct 30 2007
MacSlow\'s Cairo-Clock

Various Gnome Stuff by MacSlow 45 comments

Could anyone tell me how to run this clock on dapper drake?
I've installed 2 display managers (xcompmgr and compiz) but I don't know how to run it (can't find display error). What should I write for default in console?
in etc/X11/xorg.conf where should I add Composite, and what should I write?

Thx for help - Jun 15 2006