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I take it that KDE3's version of qtcurve uses rasters for buttons instead of paths? - Oct 16 2008
Any GTK app... Incl. ccsm, wicd, etc.

The screenshot is from the gnome run dialog, but compiz's ccsm does it too. - Oct 16 2008
Good job. Qt4 version looks particularly beautiful..

I'm having a small issue with GTK text boxes - The corners aren't being drawn. see:

Both toolbar and in-window gtk text boxes have this issue.

Doesn't seem to make a difference what gradient, or etching/shadowing is set... Haven't tested the mouseover setting, but I think that wouldn't make a difference. Also haven't tested the roundness setting, but mine is as round as you can get - fully (?) round

Thanks. - Oct 14 2008
In short, would it be possible to add some more roundness on the buttons? I'd like to have pill-shaped buttons, and some stops between the most round now and pill-shaped if possible... - Oct 09 2008
Gnome Multimedia Keys

Amarok 1.x Scripts by browner 41 comments

Stop, Next, and Prev. are broken in Gnome 2.24... It seems that the signal handler isn't being called for these keys: signal_handler(*mmkeys) (tested by printing mmkeys on each instance)

Hmm.... - Oct 06 2008

What is the gradient (in percentages, from top to bottom) used for the shiny glass effect? I'm trying to re-create this in a metacity window decoration. - Jul 20 2008
I've got a suggestion for the progress bars.

Would it be possible to keep the bar filled (no border in groove), but round the incomplete edges (The right edge if it's filling, or both if it's bouncing, etc) like the edge of the progress bar and the rest of the buttons? It looks a bit odd with that square edge and everything else round. - May 03 2008
Is it possible to gray the scroll bar buttons when the bar is touching that button, for example, if the scroll bar is touching the top, then gray the up botton out, if the scroll bar is touching the bottom, then gray the down button out, etc.

Clearlooks does this already... IMO it's a little nicety. - Apr 26 2008
Fair enough... your response was pretty much what I expected, as far as paths & KDE3 vs. KDE4 & GTK (cairo?)

As far as animations... yeah, I thought that might be true. Oh well, they certainly aren't essential (and I have never seen a gtk engine that does button animations aside from the standard animation-less switching between normal and prelight (hover))

Thanks for the awesome work! :-) - Apr 17 2008
Actually, I've got a couple of suggestions too...

It would be nice if we were able to either have more roundness settings to make the buttons rounder than fully rounded, or have a slider to determine the level of roundness?

And, would it be possible to get the buttons to animate when they light up when hovered, or appear on toolbars when hovered? - Apr 15 2008
Actually, I've got a couple of suggestions too...

It would be nice if we were able to either have more roundness settings to make the buttons rounder than fully rounded...

And, would it be possible to get the buttons to animate when they light up when hovered, or appear on toolbars when hovered? - Apr 15 2008
My firefox binary (FF 3 b4) on Ubuntu hardy is simply "firefox"

Specifically, it's /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b4/firefox

A quick test creating a symlink to this binary called firefox-bin confirms that this indeed is simply a binary naming issue. Arrows are drawn properly when the binary is called "firefox-bin".

Perhaps it would be better and cleaner to match against WM_CLASS on the window instead of on the binary name? xprop reports for me:

WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Navigator", "Firefox"

Thanks - Apr 04 2008
Same issue with m e here. No arrows.

Perhaps the particular settings for qtcurve have an influence? - Apr 04 2008
Wow! A feature request instead of a bug!

Anyway, one of the features that I really like from polyester is that the buttons animate when they are hovered over: They fade to the proper hover color. Same situation with flat toolbars, but the toolbars also fade the button in from not being there. Would it be possible to put these features into QtCurve for both KDE and GTK? I know that it's possible for KDE via polyester, but GTK is really the one in question. - Mar 24 2008
In GTK apps, dark themes have some little "dots" around entry fields. See this:

I believe that this is also in ccsm. Those dots should be colored the window background color, I think. Thanks. - Mar 17 2008
Yeah, unfortunately, there's no official bug reporting location that I know of, so alot of bug reports land here.

Really though, QTCurve is a really nice pack. I home that some distros begin using qtcurve as default. - Mar 12 2008
Circle Sensors Screenlet

Conky by Whise 16 comments

I too would like to know the answer to this. Comparing the results to top, it's a bit fuzzy but it looks like CPU0 is the sensor that the other CPU screenlets use, CPU1 would be the first CPU or core, and then CPU2 would be the second.

But I have been known to be wrong from time to time. I hope whise comes back to answer this for sure. - Mar 07 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by inAbsurdum 2 comments

Where's the original wallpaper w/o the logo and whatnot? - Mar 04 2008
That's funny, because the update fixed it for me. Perhaps your qtcurve config is different than mine? - Mar 01 2008

Wallpaper Other by bitblitter 6 comments

I can't help but note that this wallpaper looks "musical" for some reason. Could you do another one with longer lines and some musical symbols (notes, clef, etc)? - Feb 25 2008

Wallpaper Other by bitblitter 6 comments

I can't help but note that this wallpaper looks "musical" for some reason. Could you do another one with longer lines and some musical symbols (notes, clef, etc)? - Feb 25 2008
Funny... No-color is the other option that I have enabled w/ corner indicator... Hmm, I wonder what changed in this release? - Feb 25 2008
Desc: Thanks for the tip. It seems fo rme it's just the corner indicator, not the bold text. Care to test too? - Feb 25 2008
Will do. I've got qtcurvestylerc's though... one in .kde/.config and one in .config, which do you want posted? - Feb 25 2008
Something else--I didn't install the kde4 package, does this matter? - Feb 25 2008
I wanted to also confirm this, that most (if not all) dialog windows opened will crash the app that is running it if you are using QtCurve.

Some dialogs to test with:

The "save scheme" dialog in the color scheme kcontrol panel applet

The settings dialog of amarok

In fact, this is so bizarre that I though I had broken amarok and now have to rebuild my collection :( - Feb 25 2008
Thanks for the update--everything's looking great, and the GtkToolbar fix did fix nautilus, it doesn't look so ugly anymore!

One small issue with openoffice still (this wasn't in releases prior to 55.3 I believe): If you hover over the arrow button at the right side of any combo box in the openoffice toolbar, the text in the combobox disappears. This is with the GTK integration. - Feb 25 2008

Metacity Themes by marandhu 30 comments

The issue I have is that at each of the bottom corners, there seems to be an extra pixel that creates some uglyness when the window border is dark and rounded. I'll upload a pic later. It's not too major--only one pixel, but it looks kind of funny - Feb 20 2008
I just removed the and -gnome packages from my system (so it falls back to KDE), and it is indeed a gtk issue.

On a side note, another bug is that borders are drawn around the entry fields in the Options dialog under the user data item with the KDE integration, but not the Gnome integration.

I hope I'm not overwhelming you with bug reports, I really do love QtCurve. - Feb 17 2008
As far as I know I'm using gnome integration, and no that doesn't fix it.

Let me explain the bug a bit more.

I am not sure if these are related, but the first one is the toolbars as above.

When openoffice starts, they are like this. If I select something from the box they stay like this. If I then click back into the document, they get a border like they are supposed to.

When I hover over the text area and leave, the outer border dissappears. When I hover over the button, the text also disappears.

The second one is in the printer selection dialog. The entry field for page selection (which is disabled by default) starts out with no outline and a white background (much like the gtkEntry in the toolbar from the other posts). When I hit the radiobutton to activate it, it gets an outline and looks proper. If I then disable it, it maintains it's outline, but the background changes to the window background (which is also proper).

Is there a way I can toggle openoffice to use KDE integration instead of gnome w/o firing up KDE?

Hope that helps! - Feb 17 2008
After investigating several different GTk themes, they all seem to have this same behavior for scrolledwindows, but I still think it's ugly. I suppose it's your choice, but I would think that at least a 1px border illustrating that that's the edge of the widget would be appropriate, because with people with light themes or dark themes where the window color is almost the same as the std. background color, there is little or no differenation.

IMO it's ugly and all the themes do it wrong, but I suppose it's your choice. If someone is building a treeview or other scrolledwindow widget into a framing system, then that outline would not be appropriate, I guess it comes down to the app designer to choose (aka: flyback which IMO does it wrong.)

Here are screenshots of a window with and without shadow to illustrate my point.
With shadow:

Without shadow:

IMO the w/o shadow one looks rather bad, but as you mentioned, this is standard GTK behavior. :(

With shadow: - Feb 17 2008

Since upgrading (from 52.3), is exhibiting this strange bug as above.

Entry fields (such as in the printer dialog) exhibit similar issues. - Feb 16 2008
AFAIK flyback isn't a Gnome app (it just requires gtk and gconf bindings for python), but you don't actually need flyback to do the testing if you use glade-2.

It seems that if the GtkEntry is in a GtkToolbar, no border is drawn, so add a GtkToolbar and add a GtkEntry to that.Results are the same as in Nautilus & Flyback. It seems that the GtkEntry has to be in a toolbar for no border to be drawn.

To test on the GtkScrolledWindow issue, once again, fire up Glade-2, and add a GtkTreeview. This will automatically add a scrolled window. From here, you can modify the properties on the scrolled window to have no shadow, and this will eliminate any outline. - Feb 16 2008
Thanks for the update for ccsm, here's a few more widgets that don't seem to like qtcurve:


A test app for them is:

The particulars are:

On GtkEntry, there's no border drawn at all, and it looks quite ugly because of this. I believe this is the offending widget in Nautilus.

As far as GtkScrolledWindow, if "Shadow Type" is set to "None", no border is drawn, but if it is set to anything else, a flat 1px border is drawn as it should.

Thanks again! - Feb 16 2008
This thread has a better explanation if you've got a ubuntuforums account...

As far as the screenshots, they're there too... but here are some URL's:

QtCurve "Clear" style--same with all styles however. No border around the plugin selector.

For comparison, a style based on clearlooks (which does in fact style the widget):

I believe the offending widget in CCSM is a gtk.ScrolledWindow. - Feb 04 2008
I actually first noticed it in CCSM (compizconfig settings manager), so you could probably use that as a test bed. If you don't run compiz, you still can use CCSM--compiz doesn't need to be started for CCSM to work.

I'm not sure if the other widgets (printer selector, and location bar in nautilus) are affected by the same problem, or just a similar one, but as far as I know, you can also install nautilus w/o installing the whole gnome desktop. - Feb 04 2008
Hey, love this theme, but some GTK widgets aren't getting their borders... See this link w/ screenshots:

With the GTK-QT engine, however, they do show up, but GTK-QT does not do things as nicely as the qtcurve engine. - Feb 03 2008
BatteryStatus Screenlet

Conky by enigma0Z 4 comments


(you probably did this) but did you extract it to ~/.screenlets or /usr/local/share/screenlets so that the BatteryStatus directory is in one of those?

In that case, can you e-mail me a description of what is not working, as well as the console output from running it manually?

(to run it manually, cd to the directory where it's stored, and type "python -u" without the quotes.)

E-mail address: enigma (dot) 0ZA (at) gmail (dot) com

That is, by the way enigma (dot) Zero Z A, not "oh" Z a - Sep 30 2007
BatteryStatus Screenlet

Conky by enigma0Z 4 comments

Yes I did, I'm using screenlets from Trevino's repo, and the battery screenlet opens but does not draw anything to the screen...

After digging into the source (to attempt to fix it), I decide to just write my own (simpler) one... - Sep 29 2007
smoKe preview

Beryl/Emerald Themes by enigma0Z 3 comments

Thanks for the comments everyone. Between everything else that has been going on, I haven't had the time to fiddle around with the glow image. I'll try and get it finished this week so I can post the full theme (everything's done except the glow on the buttons). - Jul 23 2007
KDM Vista like Theme

KDM3 Themes by EstebanTristan 30 comments

Nice theme, I really like the session and menu buttons...

I'm working on a KDM theme and would like to use these buttons in my theme, can I? - Apr 09 2007